Book Review: "Engaging Father Christmas" by Robin Jones Gunn

An Old Fashioned English Christmas

Miranda Carson has returned to England for another Christmas. This time she has someone to return to with her boyfriend Ian. Also she's hoping to reconnect again with her newly discovered family and praying that she will be accepted at last. She's worried most about the matriarch of the family, Margaret because she knows that her very presence will hurt her. Meanwhile Ian's father suffers a heart attack which puts worry that the traditional Christmas play will not be able to be performed as planned. Will someone else be able to fill Father Christmas' shoes?

Are you lover of Christmas, an Anglophile and happen to be a Robin Jones Gunn fan as well? Well this book is perfect for you then. If you've always wanted to experience a British Christmas but funds are tight, this is the next best thing. I could totally picture myself in England, driving in the small town, seeing the play and having tea. The details in the descriptions are one of Robin's trademarks, to actually have the reader feel like they are experiencing the story. I think the British Father Christmas is so more regal than our Santa Claus. I loved the selflessness of Mark and Julia and the hospital kids. You can't learn more about the true meaning of Christmas than that! Learning more about Miranda's story was wonderful. I'm glad that we find out more about her new family and their steps to accepting her. Reading the first book in the series, Finding Father Christmas, is a must because it goes into detail more of the storyline about Miranda's past. The first book is short and sweet just like this one so it's possible to finish both books in one day. You are guaranteed to get into Christmas spirit after reading these no matter what time of the year. I really hope there will be at least one more book in the series. It's just simply delightful.

Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn is published by Faithwords (2008)


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    I keep hoping this one will show up in my mailbox.


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