Movie Review: "Gideon: Tuba Warrior"

I haven't met a Veggie Tales I haven't liked yet. This one I had not been able to find anywhere because none of the video stores or the libraries owned it until just recently. I felt like I was lacking because this had been the only one I hadn't seen. Well it was well worth the wait.

The show starts off with the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything taking over the show from Bob and Larry. And since Larry is part of the Pirates this means he produces an eye patch out of nowhere. Bob is willing to give them air time so they proceed with a story about George Mueller and how he trusted God in everything for everything. Pa Grape's ancestor makes an appearance as a tabloid reporter who's out to prove Mueller wrong but ends up seeing miracles first hand. It's quite a good cute story. When it's over the pirates are surprised at how short this story ends up being and are confused as to what to do next. So Bob takes over with a unique story about Gideon and his defeat of a huge army with only a small amount of men. This is one of my favorite Bible stories so I was pleased at how it was done Veggie style. It used the peas so it definately gets a thumbs up in my books (anything with the peas is awesome). I especially liked how they used drinking Slushies as the way to choose the men. There a loads of random things that adults will get a kick out of but the story remains true to the Bible and is an excellent way for kids to learn that even during the toughest of times to always trust God.

This episode had one of the best Silly Songs...*ahem* I mean Ukulele Karaoke With Bob. This was an absolute hoot. In the spirit of having other people take over the show, the French Peas have decided they will host a silly song with Bob as their lead singer.
The song is adorable and Bob is a riot singing it especially when he messes up the sheet music. I could not stop laughing. The best one I think since Pizza Angel (my absolute fav). I don't normally (ok ever) post vids on here but because I liked this one so much here it is.

One thing I love about these DVDs are the behind the scenes footage. The commentary is always hilarious and informative to listen too. And have you guys found all the Easter eggs that are hidden on the DVD? My favorite was the portraits that were in the Mueller house. They're so small and pass by really fast on screen but it was fun to see how they included past characters including the Blind Lemon! Like I've said before, there hasn't been a Veggie Tales I haven't liked yet. This one ranks as one of the best ones. And it makes me want to go check out that Pirates movie....


  1. Thanks for your review! I love the peas, too. Since my 16yr old is a Tuba player, she may even enjoy this!! I've just ordered it from the library. Yippy.
    Mimi in MN


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