Book Review: "Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear" by Sharon Dunn and BOOK GIVEAWAY!

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Deals and coupons won't help out this bear

The Bargain Hunter girls are back and this time they're in Calamity, NV for some major bargain shopping. Before they can get started on sales at the World's Largest Garage Sale, they have to encounter problems at their overbooked, non air conditioned hotel. There they run into a menagerie of characters including the hotel manager, his show girl ex wife, a former aging child star, and a college guy who dresses up as a teddy bear who becomes interested in Kindra. Plus Ginger can't locate her husband Earl who was supposed to be setting up his booth at the Inventor's Expo which is competing with the Squirrel Lovers Convention. But just when things couldn't get crazier, a man in a teddy bear suit is murdered and everyone becomes a suspect. Will the BH girls be able to solve the mystery in time?

Since I had enjoyed the first book in the Bargain Hunters series, I was excited to read the second installment. And with a title like that, who wouldn't be intrigued? Fans will be thrilled with this book. The mystery in this story is awesome. I had no idea who the killer was. There were twists and turns everywhere that kept me guessing. The unique characters in this story are what makes it really interesting. I loved all the little stories and side plots that were happening throughout the book. There's lots of humor that will keep you laughing. I did cringe a bit at the fate of one of the squirrels. I really liked Kindra's relationship with Xabier (very unique name) because they were really cute. Same goes for Earl and Ginger and how they had to learn to trust each other. I hope that in the next book we'll get a story featuring Suzanne as I felt she was sort of a third wheel in this book. I liked Artleta's character especially when she finally decides to become a Christian. Her question about whether something extraordinary was supposed to happen after her conversion rings true, because it always seems to happen in older Christian fiction. I thought it was a pretty funny tongue in cheek statement. There were just two minor quirks I had with this book. One was nothing much was done with the cyber stalker even after their identity was revealed. I felt that it was unsatisfying that the women did not pursue trying to figure out who the person was. They did not even seem mildly concerned when the stalker got threatening and sounding crazy. The other little thing was there wasn't much bargain talk in this story. I would have liked a bit more info about the gals' finds at the garage sale but it's understandable because the murder plot takes more precedence. Other than these two things, I really enjoyed this book. I am so looking forward to the next book in this series. If you enjoy mysteries that'll teach you how to save money, READ this book!

Sharon Dunn is the author of Death of a Garage Sale Newbie, book one in the Bargain Hunters Mysteries, and the Ruby Taylor mystery novels including Sassy Cinderella, which was voted Book of the Year by American Christian Fiction Writers. She earned a BA in television production and a master’s in history Sharon lives in Bozeman, Montana, with her husband of twenty years, three children, two cats, and lots of dust bunnies.

Death of a Six Foot Teddy Bear by Sharon Dunn is published by Multnomah (2008)


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