Book Review: "Peculiar Treasures" by Robin Jones Gunn

Old friends are back again

Katie Weldon, Christy Miller's best friend, caught the bouquet at Christy's wedding. But wedding bells aren't on their way for her just yet. First she's got to choose a major she wants at college. Then she has to think about accepting an RA position in the dorms. AND then Katie has to wonder about her relationship with Rick Doyle, her not exactly boyfriend because they haven't discussed labels yet. Throughout all these decisions and circumstances, Katie must remember that God is with her at all times, even when she can't figure out what's going on herself.

When I heard that there was going to be a new edition to the Christy Miller saga, I was in 7th heaven. I adored the original Christy Miller books growing up, loved the Sierra saga, and was thrilled to see old friends pop up in Robin Gunn's other two series Glenbrooke and Sisterchicks. I was excited to hear we would finally get to read Katie's story. I had high expectations going into this book and I was not let down at all! All the familiar characters are back and the story picks up right where the last book in the Christy and Todd series left off. Even if this is your first time meeting the gang you won't get lost as all the characters are reintroduced again. Katie is someone most young women can identify with. Personally I thought that Katie is a more dimensional character that Christy was in the previous series. She's more outgoing, outspoken and a risk taker. I really do love her unique way of seeing life such as her accepting Christ was like taking up a dare from God. I also shared her frustration about defining her relationship with Rick yet at the same time I was glad to see how they everything worked out before using labels. This book totally made me miss being in college again and living in the dorms. I miss all the goings ons of dorm life, with staying up late, friends around the corner, and late night fast food runs. If it only didn't have to be ruined by studying! I wish I could have studied at Rancho Corona with Katie as my RA. She sound like she would have been the perfect RA to have, someone you could easily talk to with your problems. There's lots of humor in this book too with Katie's penchant for off beat jokes and wisecracks. It was a refreshing read and I learned quite a bit. I myself have never noticed the peculiar treasures reference in the Bible but after reading this I like seeing myself in that viewpoint. It took me no time at all to finish this book and I was sad to see it end. I cannot wait to see what happens next in Katie and Rick's relationship. Book 2 cannot come out fast enough! HIGHLY recommended!!!

Peculiar Treasures by Robin Jones Gunn is published by Zondervan (2008)


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