Book Review: "A Soldier's Promise" by Cheryl Wyatt and BOOK GIVEAWAY!

I'm giving away a brand new copy of today's book! Leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you if you win. I'll pick a name and announce the winner on Tuesday, January 29. Good luck!

Great Debut by a New Author!

Joel is a parachute jumper who hates coming back to his hometown. Amber is the teacher who writes to him to come visit her school. Bradley is the little boy with cancer that connects the two. Joel is reluctant to give into a relationship due to past events while Amber's first concerns are for the well being of Bradley. Together the two find out that their love for the boy will bring them to a romance that the two of them cannot deny.

This is the perfect book for romance lovers. The story is sweet and charming with the characters just the type you can't wait to see fall in love. You have the heroic macho guy with a sensitive side and the faithful teacher with a cute kid thrown in for good measure. It's a great story that's really touching and will make for a enjoyable read. It's a great way to spend an afternoon curled up in your chair. The scene where Amber fries her hair is hilarious because it's a situation that could happen to anyone.
I enjoyed learning about parachute jumping. I really admire the guys who jump out of planes to rescue people. There is no way you could have gotten me to do what Amber did when she jumped out of the plane with Joel. I don't care how much I liked the guy, I prefer having my feet planted firmly on the ground, thank you very much! And wow, I really did not like Bradley's foster mother. I cannot believe that someone would just let a kid die while under their care. Why would you even apply to become a foster parent and why on earth was she still even considered to house kids? It just makes you even more sadder for the kids that are put in the foster care system. Overall I really enjoyed reading this book. It's a wonderful debut from a promising author. I'm looking forward to her next book!

A Soldier's Promise by
Cheryl Wyatt is published by Steeple Hill (2008)


  1. Hi! What a wonderful sounding book! Who doesn't love a great romance story?! Please enter me in your marvelous book giveaway contest.
    Thanks very much.....Cindi

  2. Hi Deborah,

    I like reading romance when I am too tired to concentrate on anything complicated and this sounds a likely book for one of those times.

    So please enter me in the giveaway but don't faint ! I am from South Africa.

  3. navynurse8:14 AM

    Oh this sounds like a good one.


  4. I love romance books. please enter me in contest

  5. I'd love to win!

  6. Please don't enter me in the drawing, I have a copy of my own. I just read the review and think it brings out one of the many great spots in the story where the hair is fried. God has such a sense of humor with His most perfect timing, don't you think?
    Great book. I, too, can hardly wait till the next one comes out in March.

  7. This sounds like a really good book.
    Please enter me.
    itsmyemail (at)

  8. Deborah,

    Thanks so much for featuring/reviewing my book!

    Thanks, everyone else, for your interest in the book!


    Cheryl Wyatt

  9. Anonymous9:14 AM

    sounds like a good book, please enter me, thanks!

  10. I saw this on the acfw group and was interested immediately. Could you enter me to win a copy? Thanks so much!

  11. Anonymous9:49 PM


    Jay Sluyter

  12. This sounds like a wonderful book. I'd love to win, so please count me in!

    Jennifer H.

    FYI - My email address is on my blog profile page.

  13. Would love to win this book. Have sent Cheryl e-mails and she has never failed to answer them! She seems like a good person and if that reflects on her books, I know they will be wonderful!!

    Thank you
    Lela Fox

  14. Please enter me in this drawing for Cheryl's book.

  15. Sounds like a nice reading that will bring smiles to our faces (which I need!!). Thanks for entering me.

    LID 01/27/06

  16. This book looks wonderful.


  17. When I hear "romance novel" I usually go the other way, but this story sounds like it has lots of other interesting facets. Please enter me into your drawing.

  18. Anonymous10:48 PM

    I'm not a fan of romance novels. I don't mind a little "love story" within a book I'm reading but the racy romance novels are a no go with me.

    I blogged your contest on this post:

  19. congrats to Jennifer for winning!


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