Book Review: "Mozart's Sister" by Nancy Moser

Mozart: The Untold Story

What would you do if your brother was the most famous musician in all of Europe? And that you had to sacrifice everything from your home to your dreams of becoming a pianist to even the man you love? All that and more happens to Nannerl Mozart, the older sister of THE Mozart. Told from Nannerl's point of view, this historical novel takes the reader on an epic music saga. Heartbreaking and inspiring, it tells the tale of the one of the world's most famous musician from one who both loved and despised him.
Have you seen the movie Amadeus? It is one of the best historical movies I have ever seen. But interestingly, there is no mention (at least that I can remember) of Mozart's sister. Therefore reading this book was like stumbling on a long lost diary. This book is wonderfully written, rich in detail and description. I could see myself visiting all the palaces and different cities with the Mozart family.

This would have been sibling rivalry at its finest. I totally sided with Nannerl throughout the whole book. Her brother made it very difficult for her to be happy with her life. Everything that she wanted had to be put aside to help her brother become famous. I really thought it was sad that she could not do what her brother did simply because she was a girl. The unfairness of everything for Nannerl is just painful. I also really felt sorry for her mother who had to sacrifice everything for her son and husband. What I liked about the book was that even though Nannerl had to show her love and support for her brother, we also can see how she struggled with having total allegiance with him. Reading about how she was mad and angry with the men in her life made her seem like a real person. Nancy Moser has written an excellent work of historical fiction. Between this book and Just Jane, she has proven herself to be an outstanding name in this genre. I would love to see this book made into a movie. Highly recommended for music and history fans.

Mozart's Sister by Nancy Moser is published by Bethany House (2006)


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