Bloggiesta Wrap Up

Bloggiesta: Pedro

So Bloggiesta came and went. How did I do?

Well, let's start off by this. Last year during Bloggiesta, I had set out for a whole weekend of working on my blog. Unfortunately that didn't happen because my husband got in a pretty bad car accident. This year, I had a limited time of when I could work on my blog but still had planned for at least one day and a few hours over the weekend. All was well....until my husband broke his leg Friday night falling on black ice. And it was a pretty bad break because he needed surgery on Saturday morning. Thus my Bloggiesta plans pretty much went kaput. He's doing don't worry about him. Because next year I am going to forbid him from stepping outside of the house for the 3 days Bloggiesta takes place.

As for the goals I had set before:

I wrote 6.5 reviews. I had planned for 8 but 6.5 is good considering what happened. Spent most of Friday working on these.

I also did put up a twitter button on my blog! Did this on Sunday, took me a while to find one that I liked and fit my blog. It's not entirely perfect but at least now it's there for people to use.

Next time will hopefully be a bit more fruitful.


  1. I'm glad to see your husband's surgery went well.

  2. Glad your husband is doing ok! That is crazy that he's had two major things happen to him the SAME weekend each year!

  3. Sorry to hear about your husband's accident-I hope that he heals well. I feel your pain-my husband broke his leg one winter and I had to fly to another state to bring him home-crutches and snow is not a good combination.


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