Book Blogging Goals for 2011

A new year...a new year of books...a new year of reading. And some new goals for 2011.

In an attempt to whittle down my massive TBR pile, I plan on doing the following things this upcoming year
  • Read less library books. Only check out books from the library if they are books in a series that need to be read for review copy. Do not put new books on hold. Books that were put on hold in 2010 are allowed to be checked out. Books that are needed for already participating challenges will be allowed.
  • Do not cold request any books. Only accept books that have been pitched to you.
  • Read more books that do not have to be reviewed (books purchased, books given as gifts, books acquired from Paperbackswap, books won during contests)
  • Be more selective about books you do select for review. Criteria to ask self: Was the book already on your wish list? Does this book really fit your review policy?
  • If attending events such as BEA, limit the number of ARCs and review copies picked up at event. Follow your own review policy and do not just grab anything because it is there for the taking.
  • Only enter contests for books you already know about. Don't enter for a contest just because it "looks good".
  • I know this sounds horrible, but do not buy books unless it is absolutely necessary. This means bookstores (B&M and online), thrift shops, Friends of the Library books sales.
  • When asked what you want for birthday, Christmas, anniversary, do not ask for books.
I own almost 3000 books. I have probably read about half of them. My goal starting in 2011 is to start reading all MY books. As I stated above this means reading books that I own and have no reviewing requirements at all. This also means reading older review books that have been sitting on my shelf for a long, long time. I am ashamed to say this but I have books that I featured on my blog back in 2006 that were never given a proper review because I still haven't read the book yet. That's mainly the problem with the backlog. I'd like to go back and review all those books from blog tours that only got a mention or feature on my blog. It will take me a LONG time to do this especially if I continue to accept new books but I plan on making a huge dent by starting this year.

I've mentioned this casually in the past but once all my review books have been reviewed on my blog and I am all caught up, I will stop blogging. Now don't worry all you faithful fans. That won't be for YEARS. Seriously. At this rate, it will probably be at least 6-7 years before that happens. For all I know, print books might be obsolete by then and all my ARCs will be collector's items!

Something else I've been pondering is how I really want my book blog to be portrayed. Sometimes I feel that due to the books I read, I tend to get overlooked a lot by other book bloggers and/or publishers and publicists. I feel that because I review Christian fiction, many skip my blog. But because I also review general market fiction, a lot of Christian bloggers/readers skip my blog as well. I read both markets and try to review both on my blog. Though, I'm starting to wonder if that is hurting me instead of helping? Anywho, I've been doing some thinking and with how I plan on doing my reading for 2011, that I really just want to do what I originally set out my blog to be. I just want to tell others about the books I read. If I don't get many visitors and my stats are low, so be it. If I don't get offered to review the newest books, so be it. If I don't get any recognition at all, so be it. I love reading and I'll keep doing this til it stops being fun.

So that's the goals for 2011. Read more of my own books. Read less library books. Keep reviewing books. Sounds maintainable yes?


  1. I've also decreased the number of books I receive for review. About September of last year I went to only accepting SOME books which have been pitched. No cold requests. I want my reading freedom back without deadlines hanging over my head! I own so many books and have been given so many, like yourself, that I want to have the time to pursue some specific reads that I have been wanting to get to. That's MY plan.

    But as for not asking for books for Christmas and birthdays!? I cannot do that! =D

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. Anonymous11:22 AM

    I went through this whole re-prioritizing my book situation when we moved last and I decided to clean out my book stash. (meaning donate books to the library) I forced myself to only hold on to books that were truly special to me or that I was definitely going to read. I can see that my shelf is getting too full again! Luckily, we're moving soon so I can regroup. :)

    Mind if I plug my new novel? It just released before Christmas! Looks Like Love by Brandy Bruce.

  3. Happy New Year Deborah. I completely understand how you feel, but I'm so glad you are allowing yourself to be the kind of blogger you want to be. I love that you are not giving in to either audience and abandoning the other. That's one of the reasons I love your blog as well as people's like My Friend Amy. I like the mix. I like hearing about books I wouldn't normally hear about in my literary fiction crowd. This is all to say I hope you have a wonderful new year and that it's a happy reading one.

    xoxo Your fan Rebecca

  4. These are good goals. I want to read more of my books too. I created a 2011 reading list based on titles from my shelves, wish list books and library books (most are my books). Going to the library has really hindered me from reading my books. Like you, I really want to decrease the number of books I have checked out. But it will be hard as I love going to the library. I'm still working on how I can do this and not set myself up to fail. I am going to limit how many new releases I put on hold though. My new motto is "just bcuz a book is published this year, doesn't mean I have to read it this year." I really want to look back on 2011 as the year I read whatever I wanted.

    Happy New Year!

  5. I like to read your thoughts on all books and I wish you'd review more than just review copies. ;)

    Having said that...great goals! We both have weird hodge podge blogs but hey! They work for us. :)

  6. Holy cow! 3000 books? You could start your own library.

  7. Happy New Year, Deborah! I swear I nearly had a heart attack when I 1st read this post and saw you say something about QUITTING blogging...relieved to know that will be years down the road. :) I think you've set some great reading and blogging goals for yourself. And I just have to say, don't know what your stats are but I consider you one of the best book bloggers out there. :) Also, if I could piggyback on Amy's comment, I am glad to have some company in hodge-podge blog world. Hey it works for us, right?

  8. Anonymous3:35 PM

    So I just found your blog from a link somewhere online. Long story short, I have five days sitting in a ski lodge with hot chocolate and nothing to do but read. I'm super excited, but it meant a trip to the bookstore. I go a little crazy if I'm not going for a specific list, and I was doing background research.

    Bottom line here, though, is that I'm totally in love with your blog. One of the reasons I do enjoy it so much is because it straddles genre lines.

    I will definitely be reading regularly now. Most of the books I picked up to read on the trip are ones that you reviewed and liked. I went ahead and snuck one to go ahead and read beforehand, and I loved it. I trust your judgment, so I'm sure I'll like the others too.

    You've got a great set of goals, and I am absolutely envious of the number of books you have on your hands. I'm glad you'll continue blogging for a while because I would be heartbroken if I found out you wouldn't be continuing much longer.

  9. I feel you on the whole hodgepodge, not fitting into a certain category, thing. It's where I live, too. :)

  10. I think your goals are admirable and completely achievable. Good luck! And here's to being true to you in 2011!

    Happy New Year!


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