Spring Reading Thing 2010


Well it's that time of the year again! Katrina at Callapidder Days is issuing out the command to get our reading lists out and done!
I started these twice-yearly challenges because I thought it would be fun to share my love of reading with other bloggers and to push myself to read some books I might not otherwise read, or to finish some books I had started and then abandoned & stashed under my bed. I thought there were probably others out there who would appreciate the accountability and encouragement that a challenge can provide. And along the way, I discovered there were lots of people who — whether they needed the extra push or not — loved to share what they planned or hoped to read during the upcoming months.

So that’s the point of the Spring Reading Thing: sharing some reading goals with all the other participants and doing it in a way that works for you. If you want to push yourself, go for it! Or if you just want to share what you’re hoping to get around to reading before June, that works too. The most important thing is to read this spring, to enjoy it, and to share that enjoyment with others.

So without further adieu is here is my list for the challenge! . Note: These are all my library books, which means these MUST be read by the end of the challenge or face the wrath of fines! I haven't listed books I own because I don't know if I'll get around to them, but they might pop up at the end of the challenge on my list.

Christian Fiction
  • Rachel's Garden by Marta Perry
  • Where Grace Abides by BJ Hoff
  • The Outlaw's Twin Sister by Stephen Bly
  • Guarded Secrets by Leann Harris
  • Double Take by Jenness Walker
  • Christmas Peril by Margaret Daley and Debby Giusti
Young Adult
  • After by Kristin Harmel
  • Unbelievable by Sara Shepard
  • Wicked by Sara Shepard
  • Killer by Sara Shepard
  • Sophomore Switch by Abby McDonald
  • A Gift of Magic by Lois Duncan
  • Broadway Lights by Jen Calonita
  • Disenchanted Princess by Julie Linker
  • Being Nikki by Meg Cabot
  • Ex-Mas by Kate Brian
  • The Breakup Bible by Melissa Kantor
  • Haters by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
  • Laguna Cove by Alyson Noel
  • Cliquetionary by Lisi Harrison
  • A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker
  • Heartless by Sara Shepard
Chick Lit
  • The Cougar Club by Susan McBride
  • How Dolly Parton Saved My Life by Charlotte Connors
Cozy Mystery
  • While My Pretty One Knits by Anne Canadeo
Middle Grade
  • Scones and Sensibility by Lindsay Eland
Nancy Drew Books
  • The Secret in the Old Attic by Carolyn Keene
  • The Clue in the Crumbling Wall by Carolyn Keene
  • The Clue of the Leaning Chimney by Carolyn Keene
  • The Ghost of Blackwood Hall by Carolyn Keene
  • Mystery of the Tolling Bell by Carolyn Keene
  • The Clue in the Old Album by Carolyn Keene
  • The Clue in the Jewel Box by Carolyn Keene
  • The Quest of the Missing Map by Carolyn Keene
  • The Clue of the Tapping Heels by Carolyn Keene
  • Mystery of the Moss Covered Mansion by Carolyn Keene
  • Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk by Carolyn Keene
  • The Secret of the Wooden Lady by Carolyn Keene
  • The Clue of the Black Keys by Carolyn Keene
Ok you may be wondering why there are so many Nancy Drew books on my list. Well that's because I'm hosting The Nancy Drew Challenge and I'm on track to read all 56 yellow hardback Nancy Drew books this year. Also lots of YA as well, leftovers from the books I checked out for a YA reading challenge. Anywho, 39 books in all! There will be more at the end since these are just library books. I read over a 100 books during the Fall Challenge but this one will probably be less due to trying to finish up school. As always, we shall see what I will come up with in June!


  1. That's quite a list! That will be neat to read all the Nancy Drews in order. I enjoyed Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries series, have you looked into those? Happy Reading!

  2. Oh, I am pretty sure I won't get through all the Nancy Drews, but if I manage to read a bunch of them this year, I'll be happy.

    As always, your list inspires me to add to my own "library list." While My Pretty One Knits looks good, and I'm always up for a good cozy.

    Thanks for being part of the challege!

  3. Good luck with the challenge!

  4. I see quite a few Sara Shepard's books on your YA list. I have not read her and will have to check them out. Trying to figure out what happened to my Nancy Drew books.

  5. Good luck, that is a lot of books :) I'm lucky if I get through one a month, so I've kept my list short :)

  6. Anonymous11:58 AM

    What a huge list. Looks like a lot of fun for this Spring :-)

  7. Where Grace Abides is a good book. I am anxious to read the next book in this series. While My Pretty One Knits looks good, I added it to my books I want to read list.

  8. I love Nancy Drew! I want to read all her books in order, too! My 13-year old sister has #1 and #2. That's a start, I guess. I've probably only read about 12 Nancy Drew books in my lifetime.

    Enjoy your Spring reading! :-)

  9. Your reading lists always blow me away! Happy reading!

  10. I've been meaning to dive into some Meg Cabot & haven't done it yet. Maybe I will for this year.
    Happy reading this spring!

  11. I loved the Nancy Drew books when I was younger. I told my husband and he said he used to read The Hardy Boys too. Now I think I might reread them just for fun.

  12. Wow! You rock and enjoy reading all your books.

  13. I've never read a Nancy Drew book maybe I will pick one up. I love a good mystery. How Dolly Parton saved my life sounds interesting. Great list of books.

    Happy Reading!

  14. While My Pretty One Knits is a fun story. I read it in January. I think you will enjoy it.
    I am also on track with Nancy Drew. I am not reading them in order, but am keeping track of what I have read. I am also signed up for the Cozy Mystery challenge. I can't wait to start.

  15. If you like Christian fiction, please check out www.shereads.org. We profile a great selection every month! I think you would like the books-- they're well done and worth the read!

  16. Deborah, you always have such a comprehensive list! I'll be interested to hear about the Dolly Parton book! hahahaha (or maybe not ha?)

    ~Mimi @ Woven by Words

  17. what a list! good luck!!

    and congrats that you're on track with the nancy drew challenge! i'm running a bit behind...

  18. Great list! The Nancy Drew challenge sounds like fun! Good luck with the Spring Reading Thing!


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