Book Review: "Sisters Ink" by Rebeca Seitz

Join the scrapbooking craze with an unlikely quartet of adopted sisters! Everybody's surprised when headstrong Tandy Sinclair---a successful attorney in Orlando, Florida---returns home to Stars Hill, Tennessee, for an extended visit. But she isn't prepared for a tempting new business opportunity, a rekindled romance, and a fresh understanding of God's will.

I seem to be on a crafting kick in my reading choices lately. Books about knitting, quilting, crafts in general and now scrap booking. I don't do any of these, nor do I really have any interest in them, but I do like reading about the relationships that form due to close friendships that come from these hobbies. In this series, four adopted sisters bond together because of their love of scrap booking as well as love for each other and their family as a whole. I liked the aspect of the book and the fact that the girls are from different cultures. It's nice to read a Christian fiction book where color is not an issue, Kendra even dates a white guy who doesn't care about her ethnicity.

To be honest though, there were times when I did feel the story to be very cliched. I'm never a fan of the girl who has good job in big town and then gives it all back for family and finds romance back home in small town. Not that there's anything wrong with helping out family but I don't like it when guilt or manipulation is used to turn the character away from dreams they've had all their life. Also I am never a fan of using a guy to get a girl to come back to their roots. I wasn't really moved by Tandy and Clay's relationship. It seemed to me that they were picking up right where they left off and didn't have too much chemistry together for this book. Clay seemed like the type of guy who expected Tandy to do everything for him and didn't think much of what her plans or feelings might be. Also while I was very excited that there was a multi-racial cast, I felt at times that the women were not very realistic. I have sisters and we are close but we don't constantly refer to ourselves as the sisters in third person all the time, in fact it's very rare that we do.

This is the first book so the characters are not very fleshed out but I will assume by the next few books we will get to know everyone a little bit better. I didn't know much about scrap booking before and to be honest this book didn't really help me understand it any more. However those who do enjoy the pastime will like hearing about others who do get a kick out of the hobby. I am looking forward to reading the other books in the series because I do like the concept of the series and am eager to read more about this diverse and unique family.

Sisters Ink by Rebeca Seitz was published by B and H Publishing (2008)

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