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Bloggiesta: Pedro

Well, Bloggiesta is over. And I failed miserably. Of course things happened that were totally out of my control so that explained my lack of time and attention to really focus on my blog. I didn't even have time to look at all the mini challenges either. *sigh*

So here's how I did on my To Do List.

Write Reviews - I have about 25 books I need to write reviews for (bad Deborah!), want to crank them out by the end of the weekend.
Reality: I wrote 6. At least this whole week and next Monday is covered. Will write more later this week.

2. Make a Review Database - I plan on eliminating the labels portion on the sidebar and creating a database with links to all reviews (there are almost 500 so this is a huge task) in alphabetical order and by genre time permitting.
Reality: Didn't even start on this at all. Have no idea when I'll be able to do this.

3. Fix Images on Reviews - several of my older reviews have had their book covers disappeared so I would like to go back and fix them
Reality: Did good on these. Like the next task below, I spent all of Sunday doing this and I got about halfway down my labels list and was able to fix what I could

4. Fix Formatting on older reviews - Prior to switching to this new template, I had used colored texts (gasp!) and reviews are now looking funny due to images not being centered.
Reality: Like above, did really well. Got about halfway down my label list, so got to the M's on the author. There's a lot more to do still.

5. (Time Permitting) Add Amazon Associate links to older reviews - not really necessarily but I like consistency :)
Reality: Didn't even attempt. Have been having problems also with my AA so not sure if/when I will do this.

I didn't keep track of time but I'm going to guess around 8 hours working on the reviews and formatting. I got a headache Sunday night and passed out early. Ahh..just not my weekend!

Well here's to the next time!


  1. Progress is progress! You did great. Congrats on the finish!

  2. I think considering what else happened last weekend, you did great!

  3. That's all still pretty good! I schedule my posts ahead too so I feel the happiness behind the statement "at least this week is covered." ;)

  4. I'm surprised that you did anything at all with your husband's accident. I know you really wanted to work on that database. Here's hoping that you'll still get everything done. Including all those funny old posts!

  5. You did not fail miserably. You got a lot done. I got a headache on Sunday too.


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