Bloggiesta! Ole!

Bloggiesta: Pedro

Well today is the start of the second Bloggiesta (hosted by the incredible Maw Books Blog) and I have been looking forward to it since the FIRST one because I had to miss out on it.

I've had some insane drama today, which has delayed the start of the event for me. My husband got in a car wreck today driving home from work. He is ok but the car is totaled. Short story: a car cut him off, he swerved to miss them, hit the concrete barrier, flipped over, and slid. We were told it's amazing he is still alive, much less walked away with only a sore arm and no scratches or even a bruise. I've been a nervous wreck for the past few hours and am only now beginning to settle down.

Therefore I probably won't get to do all the things I had set aside to do this weekend but I will try.

Things I plan on doing:

1. Write Reviews - I have about 25 books I need to write reviews for (bad Deborah!), want to crank them out by the end of the weekend.
2. Make a Review Database - I plan on eliminating the labels portion on the sidebar and creating a database with links to all reviews (there are almost 500 so this is a huge task) in alphabetical order and by genre time permitting.
3. Fix Images on Reviews - several of my older reviews have had their book covers disappeared so I would like to go back and fix them
4. Fix Formatting on older reviews - Prior to switching to this new template, I had used colored texts (gasp!) and reviews are now looking funny due to images not being centered.
5. (Time Permitting) Add Amazon Associate links to older reviews - not really necessarily but I like consistency :)

Like I said I don't know how much I'll be able to get done but if I can get all the reviews done at least, I will feel satisfied.


  1. Hope the hubby is ok!!! Well wishes for you both from me. Good luck on getting what you can done. You can do it.

  2. That accident was some kind of scary! I'm glad your husband is okay. Good luck with the bloggiesta!

  3. Wow! Glad your hubby is ok... thank God! Hope your weekend goes well.

  4. You take care of that husband! Hope he's sleeping it off right now. Phew. How SCARY!!! I'm so sorry.

    Best of the Bloggiesta to you!

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm glad your husband is ok! Uh, I think it's ok to take a few hours to be nervous about that! WOW! SO glad he walked away with so little bothering him.

    God? Amazing!

    So we'll just sit tight and wait for those 25 book reviews. ;) Enjoy your husband's company!

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  7. Wow...scary! I'm glad your hubby is okay!


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