Movie Review: "Up"

Ok will not lie. When I first saw the ads for this movie, I wasn't terribly thrilled to see it. And I was thinking, it's not going to be hit. I don't know why I do this because every single time Pixar proves me wrong. Ratatouille, Wall-E, Can that company do no wrong?

I BAWLED during this movie. Honestly it's one of the saddest/funniest movies I've ever seen in theaters. The entire silent montage about Carl and Ellie's relationship, I sobbed. I mean honestly that was probably the best storytelling Disney has ever done. And throughout the whole movie you get teary eyed loads of times. Bring tissues when you go see it. But it's also tremendously funny. The chemistry between Carl and Russell is great, especially when they first meet. LOVED the scene when Carl fantasizes about dropping off Russell. That's what's great about Pixar writers. They throw in clean adult humor that goes over the kids heads. Also love how they managed to incorporate talking dogs in this movie. I wish those collars existed. The movie is very pretty too. I wish I could have seen it in 3D. Major props for having the first Asian American character in this movie AND he was always voiced by an Asian American.

This movie is NOT for kids. Do not think just because it's cartoon that only kids will enjoy it. If you have a kid who wants to see this movie, go with them. You will enjoy it and there are some rather intense scenes in this movie. Muntz is one of the cruelest villains Disney has ever put out, this includes all the witches of the past, and my personal favorite, Radcliffe from Pocahontas (he's just racist which is even worse in my opinion). I mean seriously, during the entire action sequence I was a nervous wreck.

Minor quibble: why does Muntz look younger than Carl? Even if he was 20 in the beginning of the movie, he's at least over 10 years older than Carl, yet he looks very spry. Nothing was mentioned at all but it was just very curious.

I think this movie also appeals to an older audience. My sister and I took our parents to see it and (even if they are reluctant to admit it) they really enjoyed it. We've taken them to the last 4 Pixar movies in theaters and we've discovered that they prefer the Pixars that involve humans. Needless to say, they found Cars very mediocre. But this one, they were both into the movie very much. Both were laughing and exclaiming out loud. Dad likes to giggle during intense scenes, so the chase scene had him in guffaws. Mom even said out loud, when Muntz shows bones, "That looks like Kevin!" I think they could also relate to Carl's predicament (well they're not that old yet) but I think it's great that Pixar finally included a character who is older but not invalid.

Overall I am going to rank this movie in my top 3. Toy Story 2 is still my absolute favorite Pixar, Ratoutille a close second. This movie is now no. 3. Well done on both a visually and emotionally beautiful film, Pixar. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, stop being snobbish and NOMINATE this movie for Best Picture of the year. I dare you to find a movie that touches you more.


  1. Sounds like a great movie.

  2. We enjoyed this movie, too, but we all came out of the theater feeling sad. Russell was a great character and reminded us of Vance when he was young.

  3. I only hear good things about this movie. Every person I know who's seen it has loved it. :)

  4. I'm taking the kids to see this at the drive-in tonight - can't wait!

  5. Great movie. I have seen this movie with my kids last week. My kids were so happy to see this movie. Even I liked it very much.


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