Book Review: "Secrets for Sale" by Kristi Holl

A blackmailer is victimizing Jeri McKane’s best friend, so Jeri uses her investigative abilities to discover who and why. As the threats become more serious—to her friend as well as herself—Jeri dares to confront real danger face-to-face.

I've really been enjoying reading these Boarding School Mysteries. First off, the mysteries are not predictable, and the story lines are done really well. It's nice to see that even though the target audience is for a younger set, the author doesn't dumb down the plot and creates a good thrilling story. I really like Jeri's character and if I were at Landmark I would seek her out to be friends. In this story Jeri begins to reconcile with her father and build up their relationship again. The blackmailing done on Rosa is rather alarming at the trouble it causes. The threats are actually quite harsh. This book is actually quite intense as it involves adults putting students in perilous situations. I was actually really quite surprised by the ending as it was not who I had expected. It's actually pretty scary to be in that situation especially when it's someone that you trusted. I would recommend this book for at least upper middle schoolers due to the intensity of the situation. That being said, I really enjoyed this book and this series so far. I'm looking forward to reading the other books in the series. Hopefully one day, I'll be able to solve the mystery before the end of the book!

Secrets for Sale by Kristi Holl is published by Zondervan (2008)


  1. So need to get this for Booking Daughter! She'd love it!

  2. Sounds really good. I'll recommend it to my niece too.

  3. Thank you again for such a fine review! I really appreciate it. If anyone wants to see a book trailer for the series, it can be found at the website I'm glad you couldn't guess the outcome!


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