Book Review: "The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn" by Liz Johnson

Myles Parsons is just another inmate in Kenzie Thorn's GED course…until his abduction plan succeeds. Terrified, Kenzie doesn't want to believe his explanation. That he's Myles Borden, FBI agent— placed under cover because someone wants her dead.Now that Myles has got her out of harm's way, his plans start to fall apart. He attempts to take Kenzie to a safe house—but the stubborn woman won't go! He struggles to protect her even as she takes care of him. He tries to keep his distance…and finds himself falling in love.

If you're looking for a quick book that gives you just the right about of romantic suspense to get you through the day, look no further. In Liz Johnson's debut novel, she skillfully blends tense adventure scenes with sparkling chemistry. This book gives a great insight to both the world of politics as well as the undercover life of an FBI agent. We see what it's like to be the victim of a kidnapping plot as well as what really goes on with politician's families. The storyline is fast paced yet still manages to develop the relationship between Kenzie and Miles. Their interactions with each other are believable and you can see how they begin to fall for each other.

The only qualm I had with this book was Kenzie seemly being so naive. I suppose she could have been raised in an extremely sheltered childhood but some of the statements she would make seemed a little too unbelievable. I found it very hard to believe that someone who teaches in a prison doesn't seem to have much of a backbone. The one line that kills me is when Kenzie tells Miles, after discovering his true identity, that she can't believe that he has at least a GED because earlier he had told her he didn't have one. However other than that, this was a fantastic romantic suspense novel. It's fast paced and keeps you guessing throughout the book. I didn't know who the culprit was until near the end and even then it was rather a surprise. This is a fantastic debut by Liz Johnson and I'm looking forward to reading more from her in the future.

The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn by
Liz Johnson is published by Steeple Hill (2009)


  1. I really enjoy ready Love Inspired books. I usually find tem to be light, quick reads with an underlying message. This one sounds really interesting!

  2. An award for you!

  3. Great review! I heart it :o) I want the book like now, now.

  4. Thanks for your review! I appreciate your kind words. :)


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