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hi! this is my new experience into the world of blogging (and not just random journal entries on livejournal or facebook etc.) i'll be mainly using this blog to post up book reviews, occasional movie reviews and anything interesting that happens in my life that i deem blog-worthy. 

quick bio- I'm currently a senior in college, graduating in dec (praying) with a BA in history and then in Jan (praying again) i'll be in grad school continuing with that history degree to find out what i want to do with it (since i dont want to teach, must find another option). I work in a library which is great for me (Free books! and movies! and no late fees!) I love reading. I have over 300 books and i desperatley need a new bookcase. I read mostly Christian fiction with the occasional Harry Potter (can't wait for book 7) and I've just discovered I like chick-lit. 

I love watching movies too. Favorites include Star Wars (all 6), Lord of the rings trilogy, Harry potter movies, Indiana Jones, Narnia, etc. I also love TV on DVD. Currently going through my Friends complete series. 

So that's all for now. Hope to update with each new book i read, currently reading 2 at the moment (and doing homework!). Until then......


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    wow, you seem really cool! i'm going to check out all of these books, especially 'Terminal 9'. thanks for the advice on which ones to choose!


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