Book Review: "Tight Squeeze" by Debbie Digiovanni

Hip Mom Lit

I'm neither married nor pregnant but reading about Becca Joy's (i love that name) situation was a fun ride. I could relate with her about her relationship with her sister. The children are not annoying and the husband actually helps out around the house instead of acting clueless. Also reading about the spa trip was fun since I've always want to go to one but haven't' had to the chance too. A way to live vicariously through the characters. My only gripe is the perfect neighbor. While there's nothing wrong with seeing someone who appears to have it all together, Becca's neighbor seemed a little too perfect. By the end of the story there appears to be not one single flaw with her. That didn't seem real. Other than that a great fun read for anyone who enjoys light chick/mom-lit.

Tight Squeeze by Debbie DiGiovanni is published by Howard Books (2005)


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