Book Review: "Theodora's Diary" by Penny Culliford

I wish I was British!

Hilarious book! Theodora is just like me...if I was British. The Bridget Jones formula works well in this book. I laughed at Theo's mom and her Greek tendencies. Imagine having a name like Agamemnon! The portrayal of very conservative and stay at home moms was accurate along with the reaction of those not comfortable with it. I was glad to read Theo's sister's response to Charity chastising her for not staying at home after she has the baby. Theodora is proud that she worked hard to have her job and people like Charity shouldn't put her down for not being like her. The Kevin "Fever Pitch" storyline was great too. I went out and rented the DVD after reading the book (I had no idea Colin Firth was in it!) This book makes me want to have a British accent.

Theodora's Diary by Penny Culliford is published by Zondervan (2001)


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    Thanks for the very lovely review!


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