Book Review: "Undercover Pursuit" by Susan May Warren

Summary from The only way to get security agent Luke Dekker to a wedding? An undercover mission as groomsman. He'll bust the groom, a drug cartel heir, before anyone can say "I do." Then Luke can escape all this love and romance nonsense—and the too pretty bridesmaid/agent assigned as his "fiancĂ©e" for the weekend. Until Luke discovers that sweet, vulnerable Scarlett Hanson isn't his contact. Isn't an agent. Isn't trained for the high-stakes mission now trapping them both. And worse, Luke's falling for her—which is not part of the assignment.

Out of the three books in the series, this one was my favorite. First it takes place in the Caribbean giving a nice change of scenery. Second, the plot is slightly different and deals with characters other than Eastern European suspects. Third, the characters are more likable than others in the series. The chemistry between Luke and Scarlett is a lot more fun in this book. It might have to do with the scenery as romance is more fun with beaches. I found the relationship between Scarlett and her sister to be interesting as well. The stuff her sister makes her do and how she treats her makes you wonder what really happened between the two of them.

Interestingly, I didn't have anything major to complain about with this story. It's a fun read and the suspense bits are written well. I did feel bad for Scarlett several times because things are out of her control but overall I think she handled them well. I guess my only qualm is that I wish the story was a bit longer. As I stated with the two previous books, the LI Suspense format is not the best to first experience Warren's work. This one is a bit better than the other two but I still advise reading her other suspense books before reading these.

Undercover Pursuit by Susan May Warren is published by Love Inspired (2011)

This review copy was provided for a blog tour with LitFuse Publicity

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  1. This was my favorite of the three also. Thanks for the reviews.


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