Book Review: "Born Under a Lucky Moon" by Dana Precious

Book Summary from Born Under a Lucky Moon is the tale of two very important (but distant) years in the lives of Jeannie Thompson and her (embarrassing, crazy) colorful family members to whom "things" just seem to happen. From the Great Lakes of Michigan to Los Angeles and back again, it is a story of surprise marriages, a renegade granny, a sprinkler system cursed by the gods, and myriad other factors Jeannie blames for her full-tilt, out-of-control existence. But it's also about good surprises—like an unexpected proposal that might just open Jeannie's eyes to her real place among the people she loves most in the world . . . the same ones she ran far away from to begin with.

This was one of those books that I couldn't stop reading. It's one of those rare occasions when you discover a brand new author and you pick up their book and you fall instantly in love. Yes this was that such book. I started reading it during my lunch break at work and I did not want to put it down. Yes, I was even contemplating reading the book while I was working but alas I don't want to get fired so sadly the book had to be put away until I got back home. As soon as I did get home, I savored the rest of the story like a fine wine or some good cheese. Seriously, this is one of the best stories that I've read this year.

I love sister stories and this book is full of them. There are four sisters (and 1 brother) in the Thompson family. Jeannie is telling the story of the summer of 1986 where everything that could possibly go wrong and crazy for her family does. There is so much hilarity in the story and so much going on that it could have possibly gone awry. But Precious weaves everything perfectly together. I can't believe how much could happen with one family but it did. From surprise weddings, gas leaks, a sexually charged priest and everything in between. That summer was one to remember.

And remember Jeannie does as she reminiscences about it in 2006 to the man that she's in love with but afraid to fully commit. 20 years later, she finds herself working in Hollywood and beings super stressed about her job. She is also hiding her family from her boyfriend because she doesn't want to lose him the way she did her ex-husband on account of them. Reading about the background scenes of the movie scene was fascinating. It's not all glitz and glamour to get those big budget movies out there. It's a frantic world and even when you give 200%, it still won't be enough.

I can understand being embarrassed or even a bit ashamed of your family. It happens to almost anyone. Jeannie's family didn't seem all that bad to me (ok except for her dad's mom, yes she was very touched). In fact, they seem like a family that loves each other and truly cares about each other throughout the years. I loved reading their story and all their adventures. I think that anyone who comes from a family with multiple siblings will really enjoy this story. There's so much emotion, realism and honesty in this book. This is honestly one of the best debut books that I've read and I cannot wait to read more from Dana Precious. A great read to enjoy during the upcoming summer break. HIGHLY recommended.

Born Under a Lucky Moon by Dana Precious is published by William Morrow (2011)

This review copy was provided by the publisher


  1. I just love the cover of that book so I'm glad to see it's so good!


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