Book Review: "Blood Covenant" by Lisa Harris

Summary from Paige Ryan and Nick Gilbert are trapped in an overpopulated African refugee camp where an outbreak of measles erupts and renegade soldiers block their only way out. Desperate for vaccines, they must put their own lives in the hands of God as they fight for the safety of the refugees under their protection.

This is the second book in the Mission Hope series and it's just as fast paced as the first book. You don't need to read Blood Random beforehand however to enjoy this story. As with the first book, the focus is on a small (made-up) country in Africa where doctors, nurses, pilots and other trained staff are in the country to help those in need. This is a really good story that emphasizes the daily plight in Africa with sickness, starvation and violence.

The story is a very realistic one with people suffering, falling ill and dying every day. It's like watching the news come to life. It's hard not to read the story without feeling guilty for all the resources we have available in the western part of the world while there are millions out there who would relish in just one small glass of clean water. The political situation of this country is very unstable as rebels continually threaten to disrupt any part of the government that they can.

There is a small romance, but it is not the focus at all. Instead the focus on the story remains on saving people, and learning to find your inner strength in times of turmoil and danger. Paige and Nick's relationship doesn't really have that much time to grow. They are more concerned with saving other people and at some times their own lives. To be honest sometimes I forgot that their relationship was even a focal point of the story as there is much more attention to action and emotional sequences elsewhere.

I was a bit shock at the death of a character in the story because I was certain that they were going to be used as a plot device later on. However in keeping with the reality of the novel, it's not a complete surprise at the timing of their death. That pretty much sums up my feelings of this book. You never know what is going to happen but it's so true to life that you just have to accept it.

Blood Covenant by Lisa Harris is published by Zondervan (2011)

This review copy was provided by the publisher

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