One Question Interview Blog Tour with Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Today on my blog, I'm pleased to feature author Lauren Baratz-Logstead as part of her "One Question Interview" Blog Tour. I've been a fan of Lauren's books for a while (her chick lit book "How Nancy Drew Saved My Life" was part of my inspiration for creating the Nancy Drew Challenge) so I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of the tour. Lauren has two new books coming out this year, THE TWIN’S DAUGHTER (Bloomsbury, August 31, 2010) and THE EDUCATION OF BET (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, July 2010).

For my question, as a person who loves food and travel and has food in their blog title (even though they never talk about it on their actual blog), I wanted to know:

You have been given the opportunity to travel the world and sample the local cuisine. Which three countries (or cities) would you like to travel to and what would you like to taste from their culinary creations? (Can be something you've already eaten or something new you've always wanted to try)

Since having my daughter 10 years ago there's been little time for much adult travel, but I was fortunate to do plenty early on in my life. So I think I'd like to re-visit some of those fantastic meals and places:

1) Scotland. I did a walking tour across the country that included a hike up Scotland's proper mountain Schiehallion. It was supposed to take about two hours but because of some problems one of our group's members experienced, it took eight. By the time we got back to the inn we were staying in Kinloch Rannoch, I was famished, and thrilled that that was the night our hosts were making a vegetarian feast in my honor - I eat fish but rarely meat.

2) Seattle. After a 10-hour day trip that included hiking on Mount Rainier, I had king crab for the first time in my life. It was a fairly elegant restaurant but you couldn't tell it by my behavior. I was so hungry, the crab was so good and my determination to get at it incredibly strong, shells were flying everywhere. I'm pretty sure nearby diners had to duck for cover.

3) Reykjavik, Iceland. After a day spent trying to ride an Icelandic pony, and falling off, more vegetarian food!

Do you sense a pattern here? Unusual - for me - levels of physical activity, followed by masses of food. Perhaps I should go do something physical now so I can justify a midmorning feast.

Thanks Lauren! So to readers of this blog, where would YOU travel for some delicious delights?

Other stops on Lauren's tour:

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July 6: Elizabeth McCullough: When you write a novel with a historical setting, how much research do you do, when do you do the bulk of your research, what are your favorite sources and research aids, and how do you organize the information?


  1. I did notice a pattern! All of the trips sound fabulous, especially Iceland! Oh, how I would love to go there - in the summer, of course.


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