Movie Review: "Sex and the City 2"

First off, I know it's been FOREVER since I've done a movie review. Well I just haven't been to the theater in forever. There weren't any good movies that I wanted to see at the theater for the longest time. In fact, last Christmas was the first time there was NOTHING that I wanted to see. Luckily 2010 seems to be a much better year as there is at least a new Narnia and Harry Potter movie to look forward to.

As readers of this blog know, I am a HUGE fan of Sex and the City. I own the complete series on DVD as well as the first movie on DVD. Both are completely rewatchable and wonderful to watch whenever they are on TV. I really enjoyed watching the first movie and even though some people complained that it was just an extra long episode, that's precisely why I liked it so much. I thought the movie ended well and even though Samantha and Smith didn't end up together, everything was tied up very nicely. So therefore I was a bit perplexed as to why they decided to create a sequel. The obvious reason of course is $$$$ but other than that, I personally did not feel that a sequel was needed. Still I was looking forward to watching the movie as I cannot turn down anything SATC.

Well, after watching the movie, my initial reaction was still the same. Even though I had an enjoyable time at the movie, there was no reason as to why it should have been made. To be honest, and it's because I'm a fan, there was a lot for me to complain about. Too many to list here in fact but I can mention some of them. First off, why bring back Smith? Seriously, the scenes he were in were pointless. Actually a lot of what Samantha did bothered me throughout the whole movie. I don't want to spoil it (although I probably already have or will) but let's just say there's a lot of insensitivity for the country and culture in this movie that I'm surprised the writers decided to include. Oh and seriously...Liza Minnelli?

Normally I really like most (not all) of the outfits that Carrie wears. However in this movie, she has some ridiculous outfits. First off was the awful black crown headpiece thing she wears as the best man for Stanford's wedding. Seriously that thing was UGLY. I was fine with her wearing the tux, she looked cute. Then for some inexplicable reason she put that atrocious thing on her head. Then there was the stupid hat she wears on the plane to Abu Dhabi that covered her eyes. Plus what was up with the outfit she wore when going shopping in Abu Dhabi? I mean who on earth wears a ballroom gown skirt to go shopping in a foreign country complete with those useless sunglasses on a stick? Not to mention the entire movie was pretty much wealth porn. The TV series was downplayed. The entire sequence in Abu Dhabi was unnecessary.

The whole Aidan storyline really bugged me. It really felt that it was just added to create unnecessary tension between Big and Carrie. Now see I loved Aidan in the TV series. I was heartbroken that Carrie didn't pick him because I could find no fault with him at all. It made me sad that she kept breaking his heart over and over and yet he would still go back to her. So when they brought him into this movie and did to him what they did, made me mad. Because it totally went against everything Aidan stood for in the series.

I felt that Miranda's character got totally shafted in this movie. She has absolutely no extra storyline. I thought that the deal with her and her job might create a plot or even her becoming a housewife and staying at home and Magda and her getting at each other might come around. Nope, NOT A THING. By the way, did anyone notice that when Brady wins the science fair, they only call him by his first name? I guess the writers still haven't figured out how to handle that the poor kid's name is Brady Brady. Also it was really weird to hear him speak in complete sentences. I forget that he can actually talk.

There were several scenes that I did like in the movie. Big and Carrie realizing what marriage truly is about was a good one. Also the scene where Charlotte finally admits to Miranda about how hard it has been for her to be a mother was excellent. It was really nice to see her finally let her guard down and just let herself be truthful as she is known to always put on cheerful face even when hurting. I even got a bit teary eyed during the wedding scene in the beginning of the movie.

Overall, I would give this movie a 3 out of a 5. And that's being very generous. I wanted to love this movie because I love the characters and the series. I just did not love this movie. I probalby will still get it on DVD because I will want to complete my collection. But I am begging the producers, writers and actors, please don't put out a third movie. Let the characters stay as they are. Because that is obviously how they want to be.


  1. I've never seen anything Sex and the City - TV show or movie - but when I saw the trailer for this movie, I thought it looked a bit over the top.

  2. The show was good, but the whole movie thing was forced and comercialized. Of course, this is a thing that happens to many successful franchises.

  3. Great review although I'm not a big fan.

  4. Great Reviews ! Loved it..It is great romantic comedy film that you will surely love. And I also love watching this film again and again..


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