Movie Review: "Semi-Pro"

This was probably the least favorite of all the recent Will Ferrell movies I have seen. I didn't feel that the story flowed very well. You can't really make too much fun about basketball. I mean it's a very manly sport. The chemistry between Jackie Moon and the rest of the cast didn't gel as well as Ferrell's other movies. I thought his other characters such as Ricky Bobby or Chazz Michael Michaels gave more genuine laughs and were more likable. I did find several laughable scenes but they were mostly unforgettable (I can't even really name any of them right now-oh wait, the scene where they are dressed as palm trees is hilarious). The historical references about the ABA merging into the NBA are true however. That part was interesting learning about the merger.

I totally did not get the whole point of Lynn's character. Apparently there was history with Ed's character but this is never really explained. Personally I felt that she could have been totally eliminated and the viewer wouldn't have even known the difference. I do think that Andre Benjamin (of OutKast fame) is a superb actor though. He was really good in Four Brothers and he continues to diversify his acting skills in comedy roles with this movie.

Personally I kept thinking Woody Harrelson looked like Owen Wilson throughout the movie.
I wonder what sport Will Ferrell will tackle next to do a comedy movie on. I suggest gymnastics (I can REALLY see this one being done), beach volleyball, diving or tennis. Yes I can definitely see Ferrell doing his unique take on these sports in an upcoming movie. This movie was rated R and I am not recommending it for its crude humor. I felt that they could have eliminated quite a few things and squeaked by with a PG 13 rating which would have probably generated a bigger box office. I would recommend seeing Kicking and Screaming over this one.


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