Movie Review: "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"

Finally!!! This will probably be my only and last opportunity to talk about a Star Wars film that is actually in the theaters. The last time I went to a Star Wars movie was for Episode III. I went to the midnight showing with my sisters. We stood in line for about 6 hours. It was fantastic. This time around I went with my youngest sister for my birthday present. And what better way to spend a birthday than with those you love (onscreen too)

It was weird from the beginning though. The familiar 20th Century Fox logo (so iconic) has been replaced by the WB logo. There is no crawl in the beginning. John William's familiar score is not absent as well. And of course everyone is in 3D. But when you forget about all these differences, it's still the same Star Wars. I mean Anthony Daniels is in it!

I liked how the clones have slightly different personalities and I loved the different hairdos. Almost makes me want to forget about Order 66. The light saber battles are really good, although some of the stuff the Jedi can do seems to much. The scenes where Anakin is pretty much flying look too unreal.What was really funny for us was the nickname Anakin gave to Ashoka: "Snips". We found this hilarious because my sister's nickname is "Snip" and it was weird hearing him say it all the time.

There were some little quirks that I found...well..quirky. Why does General Grievous get a Happy Meal toy? I barely remember him in this movie. And battle droid humor really has to go. The script is not as bad as Attack of the Clones (I cringe at the fireplace scene) but it's still kinda cheesy. What was with Jabba's uncle? A little Truman Capote acting there aren't we? And is it just me or does Anakin look just like Roger Federer? (Google it-BTW this is NOT a bad thing)

I personally loved this movie. I will be buying it on DVD and I will be watching when the TV shows comes on in October. The Star Wars saga is something I can rewatch forever and wish would never end. The rating of PG means this is something that everyone can watch from kids (although there are lots of laser shooting) to us Star Wars nerds. There will be critics of this movie of course. But if you are a diehard fan like myself, you won't want to miss it. May the force be with you.


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