Movie Review: "Juno"

I really did enjoy watching this movie. I think this movie actually ranks in my top 10 for this year. Ellen Page is just so darn cute as Juno. I love the clothes she wears in this movie. If I tried to pull it off, I'd just end up looking like a boy. And the words that come out of her mouth! Not foul language mind you, but just a lot of words. And shenanigans! Oh I loved that burger phone too.

I was pleasantly surprised that there was a pro-life slant focus in this movie. While it is not overtly in your place, it was really awesome to see Juno realize she cannot abort the baby because she's just learn babies have fingernails. Her parents were very supportive of her decision. I was surprised at how calm they were when she told them. This may be due to the fact that Juno is quite mature. She is more than ready to give the baby to someone who wants it because she knows she is not ready to take care of that responsibility at this point in her life.

I love Michael Cera as Paulie Bleeker. He was dorkily adorable. You could tell throughout the whole movie that he was in love with Juno. I was really glad to see that she went for that type of guy instead of the popular big man on campus. It was refreshing to see characters I liked get together with no middle man involved. The song they sang together at the end of the movie was just too cute for words.

I did feel at times that Juno acted much older than a normal 16 year old would. I was also leery of the scenes with Juno and Mark. I was just afraid his reasons for what he did would involve her. I was relieved at Juno's reaction. I think she was just thinking about what a cool dad her baby was going to have and how much they had in common. Her step mom's advice to her was spot on and greatly appreciated.

But I will say out of all the Best Picture nominees this year, this is by far the most tame and the most uplifting of all the movies. I mean, there's a happy ending AND no one dies. I would recommend this movie for adults and older mature teens. I think that the positives outweigh the negatives in this movie (teen sex) enough that this movie can be enjoyed and lessons learned as well.


  1. My sister and I liked this movie too. I want to see Bella too. :)

  2. I really loved this movie.


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