Book Review: "Daring Chloe" by Laura Jensen Walker

Learning how to live life

Chloe was supposed to be getting ready for her wedding. Everything has been planned from the ceremony, to the honeymoon, to the apartment the couple was to live in. But her fiance chose to text her the night before the wedding and called things off. Now she's living in a rut with nowhere to go. In comes her adventurous friend who suggests that Chloe joins a book club to help take her mind off things. But this isn't an ordinary book club. These women have decided their going to live out their literary adventures doing things they wouldn't normally dare to do. Chloe will have to let go of the predictable life she's lived and be prepared to face the unknown.

Laura Jensen Walker's books are always a joy to read. Her stories are always hard to put down and I usually find myself staying up late into the night to finish the novel. The characters are so relatable that you wish you could jump right in and be part of the book. Her latest one is no exception. Chloe's character makes you just want to hug her from the get go. I really detest guys like Chloe's fiance who decide to do the breakup right before the wedding. I felt that this was one of the worst ways to do a break up too. It just irks me how he couldn't let his feelings be known BEFORE all the planning had taken place. I felt Chloe's pain and I wouldn't wish feelings like that on anyone. I love reading books about book clubs. The selections chosen in this book were really interesting and has piqued my interest to look into them. I wish I could be a member of the Getaway Girls Club. They are probably the most energetic and fun to be around group of women I have ever read about. I loved reading about their adventures and wish I could be a part of them.

I absolutely loved reading about all the yummy French food. I so wish I could go to Paris now! Between this book and the movie Ratatouille, I am reading to take on France! I think the best part of the novel was seeing how Chloe changed throughout the book. This was one of the most engaging books I have read this year. I cannot wait for the next book in the series to come out. Anyone who loves books, food and traveling will love this book! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Daring Chloe by Laura Jensen Walker is published by Zondervan (2008)


  1. Deborah,
    I enjoy reading your blog.
    How do I contact you about possibly reviewing my book, to be published this September?
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  2. Loved your review, Deborah - and it makes me want to read this book all the more!

  3. I also love to read books about book clubs. I always picture myself in those book clubs. I'm in a book club now but it doesn't seem to be lasting. I'll definitely have to find this one to read. It sounds very good.


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