Movie Review: "Night at the Museum"

I have always loved museums growing up. I loved visiting art museums and the children's museum. My absolute favorite museum is the Smithsonian Institution especially the American History Museum and the Natural History Museum. When I visited them in middle school on a field trip, I never felt like I could see everything because of the time restraint. Even when going back this past February I still felt like I hadn't seen everything yet. This is probably why I really want to get a job in a museum now. I really enjoy learning about things while having fun at the same time. Museums are interactive and not boring anymore. You no longer have to be quiet, you can touch exhibits and even take pictures inside.

So when I saw the trailer for Night at the Museum, I was anxiously waiting for its release. First off any movie with Ben Stiller is bound to be funny (Zoolander, Meet the Parents, Dodgeball). Second I loved the idea of a museum coming to life at night. That would be incredibly freaky to experience. Ben Stiller was good in his role, as Larry, a night guard at the history museum in Boston trying to prove to his son that he can keep his job. The special effects I thought was really good. Loved the miniatures, especially the scene when Larry gets tied up by Owen Wilson and gang and the train rushes to hit him.

The acting is wonderful. Who would have thought Dick Van Dyke or Mickey Rooney would be bad guys? I mean it's really inconceivable to have that picture. I loved Owen Wilson's character and his interaction with Ben Stiller. His relationship with Steve Coogan's character (Octavius) was hilarious as well. Especially the scene when they are letting out the air from the tires, because they are small it's really loud, but then the camera would pan away and no noise. I just about died laughing. Robin Williams was good in his role as Teddy Roosevelt too, it's nice to see him in roles where he's not too over the top. The monkey slapping scene was a riot as well.

I was surprised at how clean this movie is. Like National Treasure (another great historical museum movie) this movie has very little language, no sex, no drinking or drugs, and only comic violence. It truly is a movie that the whole family can enjoy. It also goes to show that Hollywood can make good money making movies without having to venture into R or even PG13 waters. They need to take serious note of this. Best of all this movie shows that history and museums can be fun but you won't catch me staying at one overnight!


  1. Ooh, great review! I can't wait to see this - we picked up this movie and Pursuit of Happyness last night to watch this weekend. I've heard good things about both. I'm so glad to see you compare this to National Treasure. We loved that one and even bought it. I'm in total agreement - I so wish they'd make more good, fun, family movies that aren't littered with language and violence. I'm so glad this is one of those :)

    Have a great day!


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