Movie Review: "Moe and the Big Exit"

I am a HUGE Veggie Tales fan. I have seen all but 2 of the Veggie Tales DVDs numerous times. I mean what's not to like about the show? Talking vegetables absolutely rock. What I love about the show is that while it's aimed at kids, there's so much stuff that is there for adults as well. They're like the Pixar movies with bits of trivia and jokes thrown in that will go right over the kids heads. The writing is sharp and funny and while the messages are righteously religious they are never too preachy.

All the veggie characters are great too. Larry is my favorite, he's just so darn cute. Him and Bob make the best stand up duo. I love the French peas too ("You silly little pickle!"). I personally enjoy the later editions in the series as opposed to the earlier ones. For one, the writing is more top notch as is the animation. And I'm sorry but I'm not really a Junior Asparagus fan. He comes off being whiny to me. The newer ones are more Larry centric, which I don't mind as Larry is the best Veggie, IMO. I love Larry Boy and Minnesota Cuke, and of course Silly Songs with Larry is the best bit of the show. My favorite: "Pizza Angel" from Minnesota Cuke which has the best tune out of them all. Oh and my all time favorite Veggie Tale: "Lord of the Beans" which spoofs LOTR the movies to a tee. SPORKS!!!

Moe and the Big Exit is the story of Moses done western style. It's also a sequel to Little Joe which was the story of Joseph. I like these Veggie style versions of Bible stories, it gives a funny version of the real story. Larry is Moe or the Lone Stranger as he becomes retelling the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. I love the Veggie Version of the staff ("Hi Ho Sliver Away!") with the most non threatening version of the snake that I have ever seen. Charlton Heston's got nothing next to Larry the Cucumber. I also really liked the "Red Sea" becoming the Snow Path. The plagues were funny too. And those buffalo! Did you see how it waddled??? My only gripe was that I didn't really find the Boyz in the Sink song very memorable. I liked the Belly Button song but I can't even remember what this one was about.

If you've never watched a Veggie Tales DVD, I really urge you too. Don't use the excuse that you don't have kids. I guarantee that you will find yourself chuckling yourself over any one of the episodes. Like Monty Python? Josh and the Big Wall. Indiana Jones? Minnesota Cuke. Shakespeare? Lyke and the Kindly Viking. Batman? Any Larry Boy movie. Don't forget the silly songs on just about anything - pirates, cheeseburgers, tall hats, Sport Utility vehicles. Yes, Veggie Tales is the best thing about there.


  1. Not only did you take my brand new book, fair and squarely i might add, the one by Morris. You go and win MY, MY copy of the Garage Sales mystery book!!! Humph! Yes, I'm green. :)


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