Book Review: "Tea for Two" by Trish Perry

Summary from Counselor Tina Milano has been visiting Milly's Tea Shop regularly for the past several months. She has many friends but no steady man in her life. Zack Cooper is a local farmer who provides Milly with fresh fruit and vegetables. As a single parent, Zack is doing his best to raise his teenage son and daughter on his own. When the kids get in minor scrapes with the law, Milly gently encourages Zack and Tina to work together to draw the teens back before their rebellious natures land them in even hotter water. At first Tina sees the relationship in only a professional capacity, but soon her friends notice the luscious scent of romance in the air and decide to help things along. Tea for Two is a faith-filled novel that explores the delight of second chances, warm friendship, and unexpected romantic encounters.

This book was a cute romance that involves a Christian counselor, single dad, rebellious teens and a lovely tea shop. The story isn't really groundbreaking and it's a bit formulaic but it's very comforting to read. I enjoyed the romance between Tina and Zach. It's sweet without being sappy. The two are cute together and it's fun watching their relationship blossom. It doesn't happen super fast nor are there many obstacles standing in their way to make it not fun. Instead what the reader gets is a true romance that is fun to read and makes you smile.

Zach's struggles with his teenage children are shown realistically. He's a frustrated single dad who is feeling overwhelmed with his kids growing up. I appreciated his efforts to try to bond with them though at times it felt a bit young considering the ages of the teens. Also I did feel near the end of the book, the kids acted a bit young around Tina. Still I really liked how Tina uses her skills as a counselor to help the family get back together and be as one.

The tea bits are lovely and the food sounds quite delish. I totally would love to visit Milly's tea shop especially since I do live rather near where the story is supposed to take place. It's a rather refreshing read and I really hope that there are more books in the series.

Tea for Two by Trish Perry is published by Harvest House (2011)

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