Book Review: "Sands of Time" by Susan May Warren

From Russia With Love

To a few Americans Russia is still unknown territory. Some people still see Russia as our foes from the Cold War, that communist nation. Or others view them as the country that always used to beat the US at every sport in the Olympics (except that wonderful hockey game in 1980..which i wasn't born yet but the movie was great!). I find Russia fascinating country simply because I've never really learned that much of the country itself.

Sarai is a missionary doctor. Roman is an FSB agent. 13 years ago they used to be in love. Now Roman is trying to get Sarai out of the country for her safety. Sarai doesn't want to leave because there is a illness that she cannot figure what the source is from. The two have to learn to put up with each other in order to get themselves into safety and away from the dangers that the government has put out against them.

This book was just jammed pack with suspense. One thing keeps happening after another. You never get bored. I really liked both characters. Actually I liked Sarai a lot better than Gracie from "In Sheep's Clothing." Sarai was a lot stronger and able to handles things on her own. When Roman fell into the lake, I actually felt cold. And the fact that he kept his jeans on afterwards....blehhhh.
I think there's a description of Roman written somewhere in the book, but I kept picturing him as James Bond a la Pierce Bronsnan. The scene at the chemical plant would have been perfect in a Bond movie. To me the most dramatic part was when Sarai screams that she hates Roman, and there's nothing Roman could do about it. It seemed so tragic. I really enjoyed this book. We are currently studying about the Cold War and Russia in one of my classes. So this book helped to see what Russian culture is like and how an American would fit into the country. I'd recommend this book for anyone who likes romantic suspense or would enjoy learning about Russian culture.

Sands of Time by Susan May Warren is published by Steeple Hill (2006)


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