Book Review: "Interior Motives" by Ginny Aiken

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Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Yet Again

You'd think after finding two dead bodies by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Haley Farrell would have learned her lesson. Nope, she does it again. This time Haley is at the home of a new client ready to start the redecorating process when she hears the nurse yell out that her customer is dead. At first everyone believes that this is due to cancer. However after finding out that the nurse, the two greedy sons, and the doctor all might have "interior motives" Haley along with newly appointed pet detective Bella hunt for the real killer. When Haley begins to suspect her own friend Tedd, she begins to worry that's she's gotten in far more than she bargained for.

I once again found this a satisfying read in the Deadly Decor series. Haley has a knack for finding mysteries when she's not looking for it. And she also has a way of creating humor in serious situations. I also liked how her relationship with Detective Tsu has gotten better since they both now have dogs who are brothers. Before they would get at each other's throats, now they have something that ties them together. However I still don't like Dutch. He got on my nerves in the first book when he kept accusing Haley of murder. Even in the 2nd book when the tables are turned on him, he still blames Haley. Now in this book he's still very rude and condescending to her especially when she was on her date. Bella is also kind of loopy but she does add to the humor in the book. I hope that we'll be treated to a new Haley adventure soon. I want her to be able to get a job without the client dying on her!

Interior Motives
by Ginny Aiken is published by Revell (2006)


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