Movie Review: "He's Just Not That Into You"

Last weekend, my fiance and one of his best friends, who also happens to be getting married a month before we are, went on a joint bachelor party in Vegas with all their friends, hosted by my fiance's best man, his brother. So me and my fiance's brother's girlfriend and his best friend's fiance (that's a lot of 's) decided to have a girls night out and go see what looked like a major chick flick. Would you believe that almost every woman in the DC Metro area had the same plans? We tried getting in 4 showings in 2 different theaters and they were all SOLD OUT. When we finally got a showing, they made us wait in line to even get into the theater!

This movie, sadly, is the story of my life. Guys are the essence of evil to women. And we don't help each other by trying to make each other feel better by just saying things we want to hear. How many times have you (or I) sat by the phone waiting for it to ring, refusing to do anything just in case you miss the call? And then you start making all the excuses, start obsessing, start the "drive bys" and the cyber stalks? Could this movie BE any more about me?

The cast is wonderful (with one later exception). Usually ensemble casts are difficult to follow with the multiple story lines and everyone being connected somehow. But I think in this case, it does pull off and everyone is fantastic. Ginnifer Godwin is so gosh darn cute as Gigi because she's pretty much every woman. I love Justin Long's character too. The ending with them made me sniffly!!! I think this is the first comedic role I've seen Jennifer Conneally do in a while and she did great. Love the mirror breaking scene at the end. I am NOT a fan of Scarlett Johansson. I mean seriously, she's getting typecasted in all her movies as the seductress with the throaty sultry voice. Use your acting skills and do something else! Luckily for me, I don't think anyone else in the theater liked her character either. I don't want to spoil things for people but seriously, if a guy tells you he's married, BACK OFF and RUN AWAY!
I also like how this movie was directed by Ken Kwapis who has directed several episodes of The Office! So that probably accounted for all the "talking heads" throughout the movie.

I think the best part of this movie was seeing in the theater with the audience being about 80% women. All of us pretty much had the same reactions to everything in the story. You could hear us laugh, groan, tsk, sniffle, wipe away tears and cower in embarrassment (that scene with Gigi and Alex, you know which one!). I have a feeling almost everyone in the theater has at one time or another been in one of the situations that took place in the movie. I think the best advice given in this movie was when Alex tells Gigi, if a guy wants you, he will do anything to get to you. He will show you that he's into you. Don't force his hand. It's totally awesome advice and so true. I can tell you that from personal experience. But I think, we women, want to feel wanted and we will take any little sign of interest and blow it up into a fantasy where we've found someone who will love us. Unfortunately we need to take another piece of Alex's advice "Stay away from guys who don't like you."

Since there is a great amount of sexual content and some language in this movie, definitely not recommended for younger viewers. But if you are looking for a girls night out, this movie is perfect for you. If you've ever had a failed crush on a guy, you will totally get this movie.

A funny note, during the movie all three of our guys called us from Vegas and left us messages (to the movie theater police: our phones were all turned on silent!) to tell us they loved us and that they missed us. Yeah, they're definitely into us. :-)


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