Movie Review: "Lars and the Real Girl"

I love indie films. There's just something about the lack of a big budget that makes the story more meaningful. This movie is a gem that didn't get the huge premiere or box office numbers. However, the story is far better than most of the blockbusters that are out in theaters these days.

Ryan Gosling is truly wonderful in this movie. He's such a dynamic actor for someone so young. He was nominated for a bunch of awards for this movie and it's definitely obvious why. He brought such life to his character AND brought life to Bianca as well.

The movie isn't laugh out loud funny all the time. It's more of a light hearted deep thinker with soft chuckles every now and then. My favorite scene is when Lars first brings Bianca over and Gus and Karin have no idea how to respond. The dinner scene is a riot because their reactions are just like everyone would expect. But I did enjoy watching how even though they were uncomfortable at first, because they loved Lars, they were willing to go along with this for him. Lars' sessions with the doctor, Dagmar, are incredibly revealing as we learn about his past and why he is acting the way he does. It's really quirky but there's nothing offensive at all about this movie. The characters are all Christians and neither the church or the religion itself is mocked in any way. It's so refreshing to watch a movie where Christian are portrayed in a positive light and not as dorks or overzealous radicals.

I would totally recommend this movie for anyone who likes small movies that make you think. It's perfect to enjoy as a date movie as well.
One word of caution. If you don't know what kind of doll Bianca really is, DO NOT Google it. I guarantee you there are people out there who do not have the same good intentions that Lars had!


  1. I loved this movie, as well. I think Ryan Gosling is one of the best actors today. :)

  2. My daughter is working in an innercity mission this summer, and one of her requirements is to visit 10 urban worship services. But watching this movie and writing a report can substitute for one visit. I haven't seen it yet, but she said I would really like it. So thanks for your review, Deborah.


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