Movie Review: "The Dark Knight"

So remember what I said earlier this year about Prince Caspian, Indiana Jones or Sex and the City being some of the best summer movies I've ever seen? Well scratch those comments. I just saw THE BEST summer blockbuster ever.

First off the cast is excellent. You can't beat Christian Bale in a movie. I have loved him in almost everything he's been in since I first saw him in Newsies when I was 8. Then you have the wonderful Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. Gary Oldman never fails. Aaron Ekhart is HOT (and he acts good too). And then there's Heath Ledger. Words cannot describe him. He is probably the main reason why the film is doing so well. Also kudos for Maggie Gyllenhaal replacing Katie Holmes as Rachel. I agree with all the reviews that state that Gyllenhaal was more mature and believable as the assistant DA that wins the heart of both Dent and Wayne. Also after all the TomKat bombardments, I was getting a bit tired of her anyways.

Heath Ledger is absolutely outstanding in this movie. I guarantee he will get the Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. The win, I do not know. But there will be MASS protests if he is not in the running. Even if he hadn't died, this role would have been nominated. His joker is a complete 180 of Jack Nicholson's in Tim Burton's Batman. In fact the night after I watched Dark Knight in the theaters, the original was on TV. It was a shocker to see such a jolly Joker as compared to the psychopath I had just seen. Ledger's Joker is truly scary especially because he is the type of killer who does not have a reason for killing.

I loved everything about this movie. The story is just fantastic. I loved the long length of the movie, it makes me feel like I'm getting my money's worth. I do not want to ruin the story for those who haven't seen it yet (that's like what 12 of you?) but I will say this. That scene near the beginning of the last quarter of the movie, I was not expecting. I didn't really think they were actually going to do it. I was shocked, and what will happen now?

I cannot wait til the next movie comes out. I don't know who the villain is or what the story will be but I do know I want to watch it. Christopher Nolan has totally redone the Batman legacy so that monstrosities like Batman and Robin will be forgotten. This is a movie that makes you think. It is not just your typical superhero saves the day with awesome powers. This movie shows the power of good and evil and the outcomes that both sides face. By the way this movie is NOT for young children. It barely escapes the R rating because of the violence. Shame on the parents who brought a 2 year old in the movie who kept crying throughout most of it.


  1. I loved The Dark Knight...finally got around to seeing it last Friday and I posted about it this weekend. Hope they do a third film!


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