Movie Review: "The Lake House"

I don't normally like chick flicks. I can't stand straight romance stories. Give me something like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or James Bond any day. I like adventure with a tough of romance, not something that's completely full of it. However even someone like me can be a sucker for a really really good love story.

The Lake House stars Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock (their first time together since Speed!-as every ad seemed to say) as two people who both live in a glass house on a lake. They communicate by writing letters to each other. The catch- she lives in 2006, he lives in 2004. Yes you can start scratching your head. The two begin a relationship even though they are two years apart. It was nice to see a relationship played out just through the old fashioned way of writing letters. (I wish I got more letters...) What's interesting (and extremely head scratching) is that because the two are writing to each other, they have somehow met in the past..well her past and and his present. He know everything about her, she can barely remember him. Then something happens when they choose to meet, will they end up together and test the trials of time? (yes i know that was cheesy)

Like I said I really liked this movie. It was so nice to watch a romance movie without any sex in it. The director could have thrown it in just for a higher rating (this movie was only PG) but there would have been no point. You CAN tell a good movie without it. Keanu and Sandra still have good chemistry together. The only thing I got confused was anything I've mentioned as head scracthing. Yes obviously the who time difference couldn't happen, but it gets extremely confusing when you sit down and think about it. Like how could he have been here if he was there and why didn't she tell him about this. I read another review where the guy asked "If she really loved him, why didn't she give him winning lottery numbers?" Haha, something else to think about. Overall great movie, highly recommended.

Another movie I'd recommend if you like this one is the Hallmark movie, The Love Letter starring Campbell Scott and Jennifer Jason Leigh. The story is similar except the two leads are seperated by over 130 years, he's in the 90s she's in the Civil War. You'll like this one if you like the Lake House.


  1. This was a great movie. Loved it! Felt same as you, not usually into romance type movies but this one was terrific. Even my husband enjoyed it.


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