Book Review: "Savannah Comes Undone" by Denise Hildreth

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Oh Mother!

Moms have a way of embarrassing us. They don't mean it of course. They just do it accidentally in public places. And from what I've heard they still do it long after you've moved out and started your own family. But we all still love them.

Savannah (from Savannah) is alarmed to hear that her mother has chained herself to the monument of the 10 commandments outside of the courthouse. She can't believe that her beauty queen mother, who always has to look perfect, is willing to sit outside in public in the same clothes for days. Thus Savannah tries to distance herself away from her mother, dealing instead with a homeless lady who keeps asking her for food, a beauty queen killing her boyfriend and a new female reporter who's caught the eye of every guy in town. Eventually, Savannah comes to realize her mother's stance and respects her.

I liked how this story had Savannah come to better terms with her mother. In the first book, the reader is shown how the two are completely different. This story had Savannah finally understanding her mom, standing up for her, and learning to be proud of her. I found the scenes with Amber funny as usual. Between her rehearsed speech on Ronald Reagan and her chasing and beating up the purse snatcher I was in stitches. The scenes with the picnic with Grant was touching because it's hard to when someone you love has moved on with another. I was also relived that Savannah has decided to cut back on the coke. It's a wonder that she doesn't suffer from caffeine overdose or stained teeth!

I'd recommend this book for anyone who likes chick lit, mother-daughter stories or Southern culture.

Savannah Comes Undone by Denise Hildreth is published by Thomas Nelson (2005)


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