BBAW: Interview with Serena from Edgy Inspirational Romance

I'm honored to have on my blog today one of the co-bloggers at Edgy Inspirational Romance (who has also been nominated for Best Spiritual/Inspirational/Religious Blog). Please welcome Serena Chase!

So frozen yogurt is apparently the new thing. What flavor fro-yo for you and what toppings are you putting on it?

Ugh. I think I need a Lactaid pill just thinking about it. I am seriously lactose intolerant and yogurt (any kind) is one of my worst triggers. You can throw some crunched up Butterfingers and Oreos in a cup and give me a spoon, but hold the FroYo, please!

Basic questions, yada yada yada: How did you get started in blogging? What is your blog about and how long have you been blogging?

I used to blog under a different name (my real name), but when my Facebook page got hacked in a very nasty way 2 yrs ago -- and the hack went viral -- I had to give up my real name for a season. (Since the hacked page is still the first thing that comes up under my real name in a Google search, I am still in that season!)

Joy Tamsin David knew me from B.H. (Before Hack) and liked my writing voice. She asked me to join her at Edgy Inspirational Romance about a year ago... but I hedged awhile. I finally said I would a few months back and I'm glad I did. It's been fun -- and I love the access to free books I have now that I'm associated with Edgy Inspirational Romance!

Edgy Inspirational Romance is primarily a book review blog that reviews -- you guessed it -- Edgy Inspirational Romance titles. We like to think of this new(ish) breed of Christian romance novels as being a little more realistic -- with characters a lot more "human" and flawed -- than many Inspirational titles of the past. We do occasionally feature posts about our writing (Joy and I are both aspiring novelists) and personal lives, but mostly, it's all about the books.

I just completed a LOTR Extended edition marathon that lasted over 12 hours. What's a movie marathon you would stay up all day and night for?

I think you've confused me with another Serena Chase -- the one who isn't over 35! LOL. In our younger days my hubby and I used to have Lethal Weapon movie marathons, but there aren't enough of them to last that long! Now? I could probably do a Harry Potter Movie Marathon.... if there was enough chocolate and Dr. Pepper available.

Tell your life in five show tunes titles.

When I was in high school in the late 80s and early 90s, my bangs made a good effort at DEFYING GRAVITY and I STILL BELIEVE that WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK I could tease 'em high if I had to. Now married to a guy who, last spring, appeared opposite my Eliza Doolittle as Henry Higgins, I am the busy mom of two daughters (a freshman and a fifth grader) who are all-too-quickly SLIPPING THROUGH MY FINGERS and it won't be long until there will be EMPTY CHAIRS AT EMPTY TABLES in our book-heavy, musical-theater-loving home. (Show tune credits, in order: Wicked, Miss Saigon, My Fair Lady, Mamma Mia!, Les Miserables)

You open your closet and suddenly you feel cold and Mr. Tumnus greets you. Do you a) freak out because there is a half-man/half goat in your closet or do you run into your closet and into the snow?

First I would hug him really tight. After checking to make sure the White Witch is still vanquished (not that I would let HER keep me out of Narnia!) I would run into the snow and, after spinning around The Lamp Post about seventeen times, I would ask Tumnus to take me to Cair Paravel. There I would hope to meet Aslan, who I would also very dearly love to hug, and would try not to be too devastated if he didn't show. He is, after all, not a tame lion.

Star Wars fan? Yes? No? If no, why not?? (this is a question I ask everyone as I am a Star Wars geek lol)

Originals, yes. Han Solo is THE MAN. But prequels? not so much. Except Ewan MacGregor. I have to admit that I'm a little sweet on the Obimeister. Whatever The Force is, he's got it and then some!


Check out Serena's interview with me here!


  1. Great questions! And Serena answered them true to form...she makes me laugh! ALWAYS!

  2. Deborah -- it was fun hanging with you -- and sorry about the snafu that almost kept us from it! Thanks for making this interview process so much fun!

    Julie-- you're soooo sweet to humor me about my humor! (Hugs)


  3. At least half of these references went right over my head. I think whoever put you two together for interviews knew what they were doing.

    But I hear ya' sister on the FroYo...does not agree with me at all. Your stomach betrays you when you're closing in on 40.

    Fun questions Deborah, and as always, great answers Serena!

  4. Fun interview! Love these unusual questions and answers!

  5. Fun as always, Serena!

  6. Fun interview! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Loved it, Deb & Serena :)

  8. OMG that was such fun!
    Go Serena.

    I had no idea you were hacked! Boooooooooooooooooo! But so glad you are now part of EIR!

    Good job on life in show tunes!

    I would love to meet Tumnus.

    Oh and I'm lactose intolerant too!


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