Interview with Paige Harbison

I'm happy to have here today on my blog, Paige Harbison, author of Here Lies Bridget.

I see that you're from the DC Metro Area. What is the best/worst thing about living in this area?

Well, to mention a typical gripe, the traffic. I hate having to base my activities for the day on whether or not I’ll be able to get home afterwards.

Your computer with your latest manuscript has crashed and there's no way of retrieving what was on the hard drive. How do you react?

I freak out and call all my techie friends. Of course, the rewrite is always better…but who feels like doing that??!
A muggle's wish come true: you've been granted magical powers from Harry Potter's world! What's the first spell you use?

I find that luck potion and run right to the lottery.

When you saw the first finished copy of your book, what was going through your mind?


Star Wars fan? Yes? No? If no, why not?? (this is a question i ask everyone, as i am a huge star wars geek, will not be offended if not a fan :)

Hahaha, well….I’ve never seen them. I know. Your jaw just dropped. You’re preparing a list of reasons why it’s the best thing ever. I will watch them. I just haven’t. Don’t know why. I love being obsessed with things.


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