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I am WAY late at posting this but better late than never.

In May and June, I got the opportunity to meet four authors. It seriously geeked me out because not many authors that I read come to the DC Metro area for signings or other author events. Which baffles me since the area is usually included near the top of the most literate cities but oh well. I was really excited about meeting all of them!

My first visit was with Siri Mitchell at the Lifeway Bookstore in Springfield, VA. The stores nationwide was doing Christian fiction Day with CF authors doing signings all over the country. Siri is one of my all time favorite Christian fiction authors but her books are ones that I recommend all the time to general market readers as well. Christian fiction authors rarely ever come to the DC area but Siri actually lives up here so it made me super geeked to finally meet her. I've been reading her books ever since I started blogging. We had a lovely conversation and I was so glad to have finally met her.
My review of Siri's latest book, A Heart Most Worthy.

I have been thrilled ever since One More Page Books in Arlington, VA opened. We really don't have any other indepdendent bookstores in the area (which is weird) but their store is AWESOME. They have a great book selection plus wine and chocolate. I mean what more could you want? Why, excellent author events!

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend an event featuring Sarah Pekkanen and Eleanor Brown. I've read both authors' books and loved them to death so I was really excited about seeing and meeting them. Both authors talked for a bit, did a Q&A and read passages from their books. (None of the pics featuring Eleanor reading or talking would transfer from my phone unfortunately)
Thanks to Jenn from Jenn's Bookshelf (who is OMPB's resident book blogger!) for taking this pic for me! My review of Sarah's latest book, Skipping a Beat.
My review of Eleanor's book, The Weird Sisters.

In June, I attended another author event at One More Page Books. Unfortunately due to a problem with the fire alarm system, the event didn't actually take place in the bookstore but at a restaurant across the street. The lucky author this time was Rebecca Rasmussen, author of The Bird Sisters. Call me a horrible person but I hadn't read the book before meeting Rebecca (ok I still haven't read it yet but it will be done before summer ends!). But I've talked to her tons on Twitter where I actually met her and found out about her book.

Rebecca was charming and lovely as she talked about her book and the inspiration for her writing all with a glass of wine in her hand.

Thanks again to Jenn for taking this pic for me!

It was so excellent to finally meet all these authors and hear about how they came up with the ideas for their book and everything that goes with it. However the coolest part for me was that, they all knew who I was!!!! After I introduced myself, they all went "Oh yes, it's so nice to finally meet YOU!" They all made it clear that they love book bloggers and not only appreciate but are so grateful and in awe of all we do. That's the coolest part about being a book blogger. It's amazing when you think that an author is excited to meet you in addition to you being excited about meeting them. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet all these women and I'm looking forward to reading more of their books in the future.

Dear authors, please come to the DC metro area! There are LOTS of readers out here who would love to meet you! In all markets and genres!


  1. I love author events! I would swear that you met Sarah Pekkanen at the Book Blogger Convention in 2010, so you were just seeing her again.

  2. Oh honey -- what a wonderful write up! I am just thrilled to have met you in person :)

  3. Of COURSE we all knew you - you are awesome on and off your blog!

    Can I admit I'm a little grateful that the pictures of me talking didn't come out? I make weird faces when I speak!

  4. Eleanor, you do not! You are such a fabulous speaker....
    So happy to be included in this group of authors... and it was wonderful to meet you too!


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