Book Review: "Blessed are the Meddlers" by Christa Ann Banister

Now that I found love, I want to help you find yours

Now that she's found the love of her life, Sydney Alexander has found the next best thing to looking for love: looking for love for your friends and family. She tries to help out her sister, her best friend and her boss find true love for themselves. Unfortunately too many cooks spoil the broth. Meddling is not always the best way to help out someone as Sydney soon finds out. Along the way characters learn the hard way about finding love which may or may not always include heartbreak, regret, and even finding love when you least expect it.

I absolutely adored this book. I wish this book could come to life so I could interact with these characters. Seriously, if I could live in a book, I would pick this series. Sydney and Gavin have one of the best and healthiest relationships I have ever read in a book. They genuinely love and trust each other and they enjoy having fun together. There's no conflict between them yet they are not boring at all. I mentioned with the first book that I loved Sydney's job. I still do in this book. Why can't I get a job like that? It's very Carrie Bradshaw-ish minus the sex and shoe excess. I love again that real bands are mentioned, yay for a Radiohead concert! Everyone in this book just adds to the story. Jane's story is ironically bittersweet while Sydney's boss has a surprise ending.

There were times where I wanted to scream at Samantha for the choices she made especially involving Aidan. Did she not learn her lesson the first time around? It got to the point to where at the ending I wanted to say "serve you right!" Unfortunately Samantha acts how most women, even Christians, do when it comes to guys It just brings up the old questions of why do girls always fall for the bad guy?
I did not find the shift in tense distracting, in fact it added to the story. While most women will enjoy this book, I recommend it most to older teens to thirty-somethings. I feel that it is written mainly for us, it's how our lives really are. I cannot wait to find out the next adventure in Sydney's life. This book is SO VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Blessed are the Meddlers by Christa Ann Banister is published by NavPress (2008)


  1. Thank you sooo sooo much for your out-of-this-world totally rocks!!!

    I'm working on #3 as we in for one more adventure of Sydney and her friends? :)


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