Saturday Christian Fiction Carnival!

My Friend Amy, who brought us Book Blogger Appreciation Week has a new carnival in the works, the Saturday Carnival of Christian Fiction.

Each week she will post a blogging prompt, which participating bloggers will answer on their own blogs. Then they head back to the original post and sign Mister Linky! This way we can all come to know each other more closely.

Why do you read and review Christian fiction? Do you exclusively read Christian fiction or do you also read general market books?

I've been reading Christian fiction since I was around 7. The first Christian fiction books my parents got me were the Mandie series by Lois Gladys Leppard, the Sadie Rose series by Hilda Stahl and the Accidental Detectives stories by Sigmund Brouwer. Then when I was 8 (I know, I was young!) I moved on to Janette Oke and Gilbert Morris and I've never stopped since.

I've discovered that there are many Christian authors who rival those in mainstream fiction. I enjoy not having to wade through graphic violence, language or sex. I can handle some violence but not outright gore. Language is also something that I cannot deal with in a novel. I cannot understand why books will have every other word beginning with the letter f. It totally takes away from the story because it is distracting.

Christian fiction has grown A LOT in the past few years. People before thought it was just preachy, tame and romance. Now it has gotten really edgy, totally comparable to mainstream. That's why I get tired of people who put down CF without even reading one book. I also hate that CF gets lumped into one genre. I review Christian fiction because I want others to know about different authors. I want "safe" readers to discover edgy. I want little known authors to get known. I want non CF readers to get introduce to just as good as mainstream writers. I want to get the word out.

While they are the majority of what I read, I don't read just Christian fiction. I enjoy reading mainstream YA fiction and chick lit. I own almost every Red Dress Ink book that has come out because I enjoy reading that style of writing. While the topics are not the greatest, I also enjoy reading trashy YA lit for a quick read. Although I will admit I prefer Christian YA lit better because the genre is getting edgy and is comparable to mainstream. I'd say my library is probably 90% Christian Fiction, 10% General.


  1. Anonymous2:00 PM

    I've been reading your blog recently because I enjoy your reviews.

    I like how you put it that CF is not just one genre and some of them can seriously compete with main stream. Very good point!

    I used to think CF was going to be all preachy...then I read one! LOL!

  2. Hi Deborah! I am with you! I want to tell people about these great Christian authors. I am so thrilled by how Christian fiction has grown and how it has tackled topics that are edgy. Christian authors are definitely not pidgeon holed into writing one way. Just as Christian music has changed so has Christian fiction. It edifies in so many ways. You can definitely find what you like if you are willing to look. Christian blog reviews have really helped me open my eyes to many new possibilities!

    Now...I am getting hungry...I'm thinking some Chinese food.


  3. lol, trashy YA lit. I just read a pretty trashy one myself. but I do love some of it...especially paranormal stuff that has been slow to catch on in Christian fiction (but we're getting there!)

  4. Thanks Deborah. I have seen Christian fiction grew too. once it was mainly romances now they have much more of a variety and even the romance books have more to the story.
    I love Gilbert Morris books cos they have so much history packed in the story.

  5. You were lucky to know about Christian fiction as a child. I didn't learn about it till I was in my twenties.

  6. I grew up on Christian fiction, and isn't it interesting that a lot of people expect it to be imposing and preachy?? I just love it, and find it to be more subtle.

    I just got my post up here:

    Have a great weekend! ~ Wendi

  7. Oh I loved Mandie, too! Then there were the series' by Hilda Stahl (Best Friends and... another one I can't remember) and Summerhill Secrets by Beverly Lewis. I think that's when I transitioned to "adult" Christian fiction because I wanted to read more of her Amish books.

    Here's my post!

  8. Yep, I read both as well. ;-)

  9. Deborah, I'm enjoying the YA lines that are coming out as well. I'm so happy that my boys are going to have a lot more options when they get into their teen years. It seems like books geared towards boys have been few and far between. My girls have a plethora of books to read! Typical, but happy it's Christian.

    ~Mimi B

  10. I do like reading a good CF book, but I hate wasting my time on one that isn't that good. I'll be returning to read your reviews so I can find the good ones. :)

  11. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Great response!

  12. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I too started reading christian fiction at a young age and have grown up with it... and I completely agree that there are many christian authors that rival those in the mainstream.

    Loved reading your post.


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