Movie Review: "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian"

AHHHHH I LOVE NARNIA. I WANT TO LIVE IN NARNIA. Ok now that I have that out of the way....

This was my first in a movie theater movie of 2008 and I was dying to see it. Once again my whole family made the trek to see Prince Caspian. The hype had been huge. This was going to be a new type of PC with more action and drama. The BBC TV version of PC was seriously abridged cutting out pretty much 90% of the storyline. I know that PC has been known to be the most boring out of the whole series but they really fast forwarded with that story. I loved how one of the bad guys had his redemptive moment in the end, actually I was thrilled they actually mentioned that part in the story. I felt this movie really should have been rated PG 13. The battle scenes, while not bloody are really intense and could scare the little kids. Peter Dinklage is absolutely wonderful as Trumpkin. Reepicheek stole the show, loved the cat scene.

Let me first say, I absolutely loved this movie. For the most part I welcomed the changes to the movie. The battle scene in the movie was definately welcomed because in the book it is rather quick and boring. I cried during the "Save yourselves!" scene. Actually I cried quite a bit in this movie, especially whenever Aslan showed up. OMG Ben Barnes is gorgeous!!! But he never says "I am Prince Caspian" with that yummy accent from the trailer in the actual movie. And boy have William Moseley and Skandar Keynes grown up! By the way, ew yuck, why oh why did they have the Susan/Caspian romance? Never mind that the actors are like 10 years apart in real life but it just doesn't not work for me (actually it made me and my sisters giggle in the theater because it was just so ridiculous). I mean besides we all know who Caspian ends up and what happens to Susan.

Why did this movie not do as well as the first one? Well I blame the timing of the release of the movie. Apparently Walden Media was supposed to release PC during Christmas of last year. But they were afraid that PC would be competing against another movie of theirs The Water Horse (yep, I don't remember that movie either). Instead they decided to release it 5 months later during the beginning of the summer season 4 days before Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull came out. Who in their right mind would put a movie up against the highly anticipated 4th Indiana Jones movie???? I mean honestly trying to compete with one of the most anticipated movie sequels ever? Not a smart move at all. If they had stuck with the Christmas date, all they wold have gone up against was National Treasure 2. There were no other big movies that came out then or after. With the summer, there are blockbusters week after week. Hopefully this will not deter the production of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader because I am dying to see that movie (my favorite book) and hopefully the release of all of the books.

So please please please go see this movie. I was appalled to read in a Christian magazine that there are some Christians who cannot see how these movie have any religious tones and that it is sacrilegious to even think of Aslan as a Christ figure because Jesus never said he was a lion. Um hello, Lion of Judah? Ever heard the phrase "The Lion and the Lamb?"


  1. Some Christians need everything to be extremely literal. I didn't love the movie as much as you, but I did see it. :)

  2. Okay, I'll go see it.

  3. We did go to see this movie and enjoyed it. I also am really looking forward to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader-that is also my favorite book out of the series. I agree - the romance in Prince Caspian was ridiculous.

  4. I heard that about the delayed release date as well...I want to know who the heck thought "The Water Horse" was going to be a Christmas "blockbuster"?! That is insane...I think "Caspian" deserved the Christmas release slot. Hopefully "Dawn Treader" will get a better release plan.


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