Movie Review: "Enchanted"

I love Disney movies. I love how almost all the Disney movies feature girls as their lead character. The more recent ones feature stronger female leads than past movies. I like Belle and Mulan way better than Snow White or Cinderella. I mean your whole life doesn't have to depend on finding one guy. And that's precisely what Enchanted dares to mock and does stupendously well.

I actually enjoyed the songs in this movie. My favorite was "That's How You Know". After watching, I had the song stuck in my head for about two weeks. It's a very catchy song and honestly it's the only one I really remember from the movie. I love how Patrick Dempsey finds himself getting into the song and then catches himself to look all serious again. I think the best part of this movie is how Disney is able to make fun of themselves. "How can you fall in love with someone after knowing them for one day?" Also the dresses which look so wonderful as a cartoon are absolutely horrific in the real world. Did you see the size of her gown? And ew to the animals helping to clean up. Did you see those rats???? And they picked them up by their tails!!!

Amy Adams is simply spectacular as Giselle. I loved her in Junebug as the always happy and positive pregnant wife and this is another role where she's always upbeat. Patrick Demspey is well...he's McDreamy. Poor James Marsden. He never gets the girl in any of the movies he's in (The Notebook, X-Men). And he had to wear that silly outfit for the whole movie. But he's a riot in his role. I especially loved when he gets hit by the bikers, and even more so that he yells "Giselle!" and then bites his fist. I couldn't' stop laughing. My only minor weird gripe is how did Edward know how to order his lunch, complete with standing in line with a tray and Giselle was completely clueless. I'm probably the only one who even notices this though.

This is a fun movie that EVERYONE can enjoy. There isn't a single negative aspect about this movie. It was the feel good movie of the year.


  1. Def one of my fave movies! :)

  2. I loved this movie too -- it's so much fun! Speaking of James Marsden, did you see him in "27 Dresses"?

  3. I loved this movie, and amazingly, my husband enjoyed it too!

  4. I took my daughter and 5 nieces to see this last Sunday. We allllllllll loved it. My hubby too. I hadn't been even interested when it first came out. OMG, So Close is so beautiful...that scene...and McDreamy singing to her. I had to slap my hubby's arm so he could get some ideas.

  5. I agree. We loved that movie in this house and we got the soundtrack off of itunes right after we finished watching it. Timeless.


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