Movie Review: "Bee Movie"

I don't like bees. If one gets into our sunroom, I'm sorry but I'm going to kill it. Windex works best if you don't have bug spray on you. (Sorry to all insect lovers). I've been stung by a bee before on the lip and it is not fun. I also am not a fan of honey except for Honey Nut Cheerios and Honey Bunches of Oats. So bees and me are not pals. But I'm a Seinfeld fan (one of the best TV shows ever) and the trailers for this movie were actually funny so I gave this one a try.

This movie was really quite enjoyable actually. While Antz made me feel icky because the bugs looked rather scary, the bees in this movie were positively cute. The movie is gorgeous to look at. There's lots of vivid colors that will grab the kids' attentions. In fact there's so much to look at that I felt like I was missing out on all the details. The only problem I have with animated movies is that I never can figure out who the speaking voices belong too. Apparently Michael Richards is in this movie (Kramer!!) but even with his character's name, I have no idea which bee/bug he is.
I LOVED the scene with Ray Liotta doing a cameo as himself. Him holding the Emmy for Best Guest Role on a TV show was a riot. There's so many little in jokes that will fly right over the kids' heads but adults will get a kick out of them. One of my favorites was John Goodman's character holding up Sue Monk Kidd's The Secret Life of Bees during the court trial.

Ok did anyone else find it a little weird that a bee and a human have a sort of relationship? Yes I know it's a fantasy world but still. Where did Barry see that relationship possibly going? Ick.

Other than this, this is a gem of a movie to watch. Both kids and adults will enjoy watching it and while there's some slight PGish items, there's nothing that will make the viewer blush. It's a honey of a movie and all the buzz surrounding it was totally true.


  1. Okay, really, the ending kinda ruined a very cute movie. Both my son and I said, "Whaaat????!!!"


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