Thank You!

*kicks ground sheepishly*

Aw, thanks y'all. It was late on Friday afternoon when the VERY LAST award for this year's Book Blogger Appreciation Awards were announced. Believe me, I had been keeping track of all the other awards in anticipation for the one I was actually up for. It was a very long wait (as my fellow nominees can attest to) to hear the results.

I'm very honored to receive this. I'd like to thank everyone who did vote for me. It's things like this that make me want to keep blogging and what I'll have to remember whenever I feel blue.

I would also again like to give kudos to the other blogs nominated:
Edgy Inspirational Romance
The Parchment Girl

These are two awesome blogs and you should go visit and subscribe to them.

To everyone, thank you again!


  1. As bloggers, I think we're always hard on ourselves. I've read some of your tweets and posts when you're feeling the blogging blues. But you have a pretty good thing going here and people recognize it. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations~

  3. Awesome. Way to kick it! HAPPY DANCE!


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