Book Review: "Murder at Eagle Summit" by Virginia Smith

Liz is at a ski resort getting ready for the wedding of her cousin. She thinks her biggest challenges will be her overbearing grandmother and staying out of the path of her former fiance Tim. If she can just get through the weekend it will be all over. However, when a dead body shows up on the slopes, Liz finds herself having to stay close to Tim to find out who the murderer is. Will the two be able to join forces or will their past come back and tear them apart again?

The first thing that came to mind while reading this book was: Nancy Drew. This book totally brought me back to days of my childhood and reading tales of that famous female sleuth. Something about ski resorts and murders makes me think of Nancy for some reason. This story was very cozy and comforting to read. I've never been skiing before in my life so I live vicariously through books about skiing. This story shows a wonderful ski resort that just happens to have a dead body on it. I really enjoyed the mystery and I did not predict the outcome. I was totally guessing it to be someone obvious and unfortunately I was wrong. Liz and Tim have great chemistry together and I really enjoyed reading about wedding planning. Liz's grandmother got on my nerves a lot during the book. She was just plain mean and rude and obviously favored one cousin over the other. I didn't understand though where everyone's parents were though. Maybe I missed it but it seemed quite weird that there was a wedding and no one's parents were around. I've enjoyed every book that Virginia has written so far and I'm really enjoying these suspense books she's written for the Love Inspired line. They are just the kind of short romantic suspense stories that I like with lots of action, good romance, and an engaging storyline. Well done and I can't wait for more mysteries from Virginia!

Murder at Eagle Summit by Virginia Smith is published by Steeple Hill (2009)


  1. I'll have to keep this in mind for quick fun reads. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I've only read one of Ginny's books, but really enjoyed it! I look forward to reading more.

  3. A book that reminds you of Nancy Drew sounds fantastic!


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