Book Review: "Whispers of the Bayou" by Mindy Starns Clark

The best mystery novel of the year Miranda Miller can't remember anything that happened to her before she was five years old. All she's known is a life in the city with her aunt. Now an adult with a family of her own, mysterious circumstances involving a tattoo she never knew existed and a grounds keeper dying bring her back to Louisiana. There she discovers she's now the owner of her grandparents' estate. Secrets abound on the plantation, dating back to centuries before Miranda was born. She also discovers the reason why her childhood memory left her and the shocking truth about her family.

Ok I will admit it. Books set in Louisiana dealing with Cajun and bayou subjects scare me to death. Something about swamps and voodoo give me the creeps and make me want to leave my lights on. This book definitely gives the chills due to the setting which was described so perfectly I could imagine myself being there. This is the BEST mystery book I have read this year. It was such a page turner that I spent all of one weekend day glued to the book. The writing is suspenseful and keeps the reader guessing throughout. The characters are intriguing and there are so many twists that people you think are trustworthy may not be what they seemed.

Stories that have huge plantation houses always house secrets and there are MANY secrets that are revealed in this book. I love how the past blends with the present. The ending, while I wish there was a sequel, ties up all loose ends and is very satisfying.
The story is not preachy at all, in fact it is interesting to see what brings a non believer to a faith in Christ. If you are a fan of Clark's past works, you will devour this story as well. If this is your first book, you will become a fan and want to read all her books. I just cannot express how good of a book this is. If there is one book you should read this year, it is this one. HIGHLY recommended.

Whispers of the Bayou by
Mindy Starns Clark is published by Harvest House (2008)


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