Book Review: "Reconstructing Natalie" by Laura Jensen Walker

Wishing for the days when you used to stuff your bra

Natalie has never really paid much attention to boobs before until she finds out that she may lose her own. Only 27 years old, she hears the dreaded words from her doctor that she has breast cancer. Determined to not let this get the best of her, Natalie prepares for what will be a life changing journey. Along with the support of her friends and family, she goes through the process of having to adapt to a world where survival means everything.

I have been extremely fortunate that I have not lost anyone close to me to breast cancer. However I know that there are thousands of people in the world who are affected by this and are suffering. This book perfectly balances the seriousness of the issue with lightheartedness to not make the story a downer. The writing is fun with lots of pop trivia sprinkled in, and is written in a chick lit tone of voice. I loved Natalie as a character. I admired her strength and her courage to be able to handle her situation with such grace and dignity. Some people would have seen how this affected her at such a young age as a death wish and given up hope for survival. She however, with her friends, is able to take everything one day at a time and enjoy life to the fullest.

I loved the party her friends gave her before the surgery, especially the boob-cake.
I was thinking this may be the one and only time I've read a Christian book that used the words boobs and breasts on every other page! I think it might also be one of the very few books where the main character gets topless of her own free will! This book showed how breast cancer affects not just the person with the cancer but everyone around them as well. I learned a lot from reading this book. I enjoyed the support group that Natalie attended especially the "show" she got from her first meeting! I was glad to read the information that men are also candidates for breast cancer as many people are unaware of this. This book is a book I would recommend every women to read. Not only is it informative but the story is engaging as well. This could happen to anyone and it's best to be aware and be knowledgeable in case the unthinkable happens.

Reconstructing Natalie by Laura Jensen Walker is published by Thomas Nelson (2006)


  1. Sounds interesting.

  2. Faboulous book - a must read Cee Cee!


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